Through the understanding of electromagnetic flowmeter six part to choose the appropriate product type

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-09
As now detection technology upgrading, the measuring accuracy of electromagnetic flowmeter has been greatly enhanced and stability, at present has become the petroleum chemical industry and many other widely used flow measurement equipment, our company technical personnel according to the customer consultation electromagnetic flow timing record the relevant information and communication process, summarizes the main structure of the electromagnetic flowmeter, hope to be able to help customers on the basis of understanding the structure and principle of electromagnetic flowmeter, based on the actual needs of measuring field, select the appropriate product type. Electromagnetic flowmeter is made up of six parts altogether, and the six parts, each part of the function is different, be short of one cannot, let me to make a brief introduction to the six parts of electromagnetic flowmeter. 1. Electrode electromagnetic flowmeter: its effect is measured and derivation is proportional to the induction electric potential signal. General use of magnetic stainless steel electrode, and are required to flush with the lining, so that the fluid through an unimpeded. Its vertical direction of the installation position should be in the pipeline, in order to prevent the sediment accumulation and influence on which the accuracy of measurement. 2. Electromagnetic flowmeter shell: application of ferromagnetic materials, is the housing distribution system of excitation coil, and isolate the interference of external magnetic field. 3. Electromagnetic flowmeter lining: in measuring the inner side of the catheter and flange sealing surface, a layer of complete electrical insulating lining. Direct contact with the liquid to be tested, and its role is to increase the measuring pipe corrosion resistance, prevent induction electric potential by metal pipe wall short-circuit measurement. Lining material for corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance of ptfe plastic, ceramic, etc. 4. Electromagnetic flowmeter converter: the induction electric potential signal generated by the liquid flow is very weak, much affected by various interference factors, the role of the converter is the induction electric potential signal amplification translates into a unified standard signal and suppress the main disturbance signal. Its task is to put the electrodes to detect the induction electric potential signal Ex dc signal amplifying into a unified standards. 5. The magnetic circuit of electromagnetic flowmeter system: its function is to produce uniform dc or ac magnetic field. Dc magnetic circuit to achieve with a permanent magnet, its advantage is simple structure, the ac magnetic field interference is small, but it is easy to make by measuring the electrolyte liquid polarization in the ducts, the positive electrode is surrounded by negative ion, negative electrode is surrounded by positive ions, the electrode polarization, and leading to the production of two electrodes in locust internal resistance increases, thus seriously affect the normal work of the instrument. When the pipe diameter is larger, the permanent magnet is very big also, corresponding bulky and not the economy, so the electromagnetic flowmeter generally adopts the alternating magnetic field, and is 50 hz power excitation power frequency. 6. Electromagnetic flowmeter measurement of catheter, its role is to make the measured liquid conductivity to pass through. In order to keep the lines of magnetic force by measuring the catheter flux was shunt or short circuit, measuring tube must be used no permeability, low electrical conductivity, low thermal conductivity, and has certain mechanical strength of materials, can choose not magnetic stainless steel, glass steel, high strength plastic, aluminum, etc. Understanding after the six parts, believe that everyone in the process of using electromagnetic flowmeter, will be handy, hope that we can make full use of the electromagnetic flowmeter, let, give full play to the role of the electromagnetic flowmeter allows the project to complete, and with the help of the electromagnetic flowmeter, make more of the project. ( Instrument science and technology in this paper by embellish release, more about electromagnetic flowmeter content, please click xinwenhuodong/shipinzhongxin / 1064. html)
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