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 Kaidi Sensors is one of the best level gauge manufacturers in China which  more than 20 years of industrial automation experience.Our main products are including level Instrument, flow Instrument, tank gauge, conveyor belt safety switches and etc.

OEM Service-can be customized according to the application of customer,such as level gauge,level switch,magnetic level indicator float and level indicator

Our Radar Level Gauge has a range of up to 150 meters, frequency up to 120GHz and an accuracy of ±1mm, which can cope with various complex measurement conditions

The Magnetic Level Gauge all use vacuum tube technology, with a lifespan of 3-5 years, and protection grade is up to IP68, not easy to fade

Suitable for chemical industry, petroleum industry, metallurgical industry, water conservancy and electronic industry, etc.With our professional, full-service approach, we will provide you the best products, such as kaidi 804.Trust us, Kaidi Sensors is your best choice of level meter manufacturer.

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