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Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter

Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter with guided wave radar for high-accuracy measurements even in harsh environments. Guided wave radar type level transmitter frequencies are guided into a probe that goes into the monitored vessel, providing continuous, reliable measurements.

When a low energy microwave pulse hits the media, a significant amount of energy is reflected back up the probe to the device. This level is directly proportional to the time-domain reflectometry.

The accuracy of GWR level transmitter remains unchanged regardless of changes in viscosity, density, or acidity. The performance is not affected by agitation such as boiling liquid, dust, foam, or vapor.

Guided wave radar devices have no moving parts and require minimum maintenance. They can measure both level and the interface between two media. The technology is not affected by media density, varying temperatures or pressures, and provides reliable, accurate measurements in demanding applications.

Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitters are ideal for the measurement of liquids, sludge, powders, and granules. HAWK's Guided Radar Level Measurement Technology has the ability to accurately measure interface levels and can auto-calibrate to any dielectric ≥ 1.5.

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