Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Battery powered electromagnetic flow meters are a type of velocity or volumetric flow meter that operate pursuant to Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction – which states that a voltage will be induced when a conductor moves through a magnetic field. Magmeters can detect the flow rate of conductive fluids only.

Electromagnetic flowmeters can be used to measure industrial conductive liquids or slurries without pressure loss and a large measuring range.

The electromagnetic flowmeter measures the volume flow of the fluid under test. The measurement principle does not involve the influence of fluid temperature, pressure, density and viscosity.

✸Best Electromagnetic flow meters are a valuable tool in various industries for measuring conductive liquid flow rates. Their exceptional accuracy and reliability make them stand out among other instruments. With no moving parts, they remain unaffected by harsh environments, ensuring precise measurements over time. These devices also boast excellent turndown ratios, accurately measuring a wide range of flow rates from low to high velocities. A notable advantage is their ability to measure bi-directional flows without any modifications or recalibration, crucial for complex fluid systems with changing directions. Additionally, the unobstructed pipe design results in minimal pressure loss, leading to long-term energy and cost savings. Furthermore, the non-intrusive nature of these meters allows for easy installation and maintenance without cutting into pipes or disrupting processes.If you are interested in our magnetic flow meter, contact Kaidi Sensors, we are a professional electromagnetic flow meter manufacturer & supplier with 20+ years of experiences.

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