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26GHz Radar Level Meter

26GHz Radar Level Meter with PTFE sensor material, for use in corrosive or aggressive media as well as high accuracy tank gauging applications. Simple commissioning, trouble-free operation.

Radar level instruments emit extremely narrow microwave pulses that travel at the speed of light and part of their energy is reflected off the surface of the target medium.

Due to the fact that electromagnetic waves are transmitted at extremely high speed, the time lapse between pulse emission and reception by the antenna is proportional to the distance between the surface of the target medium and the reference point on the antenna. The result is a tiny time lapse (nanoseconds) that makes identification difficult.

In addition to its radar level transmitter types and price, Kaidi Sensors' business reputation and integrity are of utmost importance. During production, we strictly control both quality and production costs. As a result, radar level measurement is quality-reliable and affordable.

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