Tank Gauging

Tank gauging is the measurement of liquids in large storage tanks with the purpose of quantifying the volume and mass of the product in the tanks. The oil and gas industry generally uses static volumetric assessments of the tank content. This involves level, temperature and pressure measurements.

Tank gauge uses probes located in each tank or compartment to measure fuel and water levels. Each probe consists of a long rod with floats or sensors. The position of the floats tells the tank gauge console how much fuel and water are present in the tank. The probe rod also has thermistors to measure the fuel temperature.

Common types of tank gauging include radar tank gauging, magnetostrictive, hydrostatic tank gauging, servo tank gauge, tank float gauge and tank gauging tape. Radar gauges are popular for their accuracy. They are particularly useful in gauging tars and other products not suitable for contact-type sensors.

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