Provide Level meter that exceed your expectations!

Measurement Principle:

A change of level in the process tank corresponds to a similar change within the KDMLI chamber. In response to the level movement, the KDMLI float moves accordingly, actuating the flags or shuttle for visual indication. 


Numerous chamber styles (or configurations) for each design. Custom designs available. 

Complete range of level switches and level transmitters, including Eclipse Guided Wave Radar

Fabricated, non-magnetic chamber assembly produced in a wide range of metal and plastic materials 

ANSI and EN 1092process connections available

Precision manufactured float with internal magnets and magnetic flux ring

Flag or shuttle type indicatorwith stainless steel scale to measure height, volume, or percentage of level 

Standard float stop springs at top and bottom of chamber 

level indicator series manufactured by Kaidi include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type.level indicator has the following advantages: well-chosen materials, reasonable design, stable performance, excellent quality, and affordable price. Such a product is up to the market demand.

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