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Kaidi KD UTD series intelligent float liquid (boundary) level transmitter for chemical

Kaidi KD UTD series intelligent float liquid (boundary) level transmitter for chemical

Kaidi KD UTD series intelligent float liquid (boundary) level transmitter for chemical
  • Kaidi KD UTD series intelligent float liquid (boundary) level transmitter for chemical
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Kaidi KD UTD series intelligent float liquid (boundary) level transmitter for chemical
refining, petroleum, chemical, medicine, and food
Measuring Range:
Protection Grade:
0.5 level
Process Pressure:
≤ 42MPa
Process Temperature:
Outer Covering:
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The intelligent float level transmitter is designed on the Archimedes buoyancy principle. It is used to continuously measure the level, interface or density of liquids in industrial applications. This product is sturdy and durable. The measured value can be converted into analog and digital signals. . Through PC or control system, digital communication is convenient for complete operation and configuration. Even in extremely high temperature, high pressure and strong corrosive liquids, the level gauge can always measure stably and with high precision. It is approved to be installed in an explosive gas environment and is widely used in liquid level measurement and control in the production process of various industries such as refining, petroleum, chemical, medicine, and food.

UTD series intelligent float liquid (boundary) level transmitter is composed of intelligent liquid level controller (meter head) and measuring chamber, measuring mechanism, float, torque tube assembly, etc. The change in the liquid level of the measured medium causes a change in the force position of the inner float, which is transmitted to the torsion tube assembly, so that the torsion tube and the mandrel rotate synchronously. At the same time, the magnetic steel component fixed on the torsion tube core shaft undergoes rotational displacement, which changes the magnetic field detected by the Hall effect sensor. The sensor converts the magnetic field signal into an electrical signal. The intelligent level controller uses the controller and related electronic circuits to measure process variables, provides current output, drives a liquid crystal display (LCD) and provides HART communication capabilities. The controller receives the environmental temperature compensated and linearized electrical signal, and can also compensate for the change in liquid density caused by the process temperature change, and output and provide a 4-20mA current output signal. LCD can display analog output, process variables, process temperature (if RTD is installed), torque tube rotation angle and variable percentage range, etc.


Liquid density≥ 0.2 g/cm3 Minimum density difference≥ 0.08g/cm3
Measuring range300~3000mm Medium temperature-196~500
Power supplyDC24VOutput signal4-20mA+HART
Accuracy class0.5 levelAmbient temperature-40~60
Torque tube material316LInconel600 OR HasetlloyC-276
Inner float material304, 316L, 321 or according to user requirements
Outer float materialCarbon steel, 304, 316L or according to user requirements
Nominal pressure≤ 42MPaNominal diameterDN25 or according to customer requirements.
Protection levelIP67
Flange standardHG/T20592-2009, HG/T20615-2009 or according to user requirements


FISHER (Fisher) series of intelligent float liquid (boundary) level transmitter

This series of products directly introduce the original FIELDVUE DLC3010 or DLC3100 series of intelligent liquid level controllers. This series of intelligent buoy liquid (boundary) level transmitters output 4-20mA standard DC signal. Through the HART communicator compatible with DLC series intelligent liquid level controllers, the intelligent liquid level controller can be inquired, configured, calibrated or tested , Can also accept the information of a single loop, and can download the information from the scene to the control system. It uses displacement sensor technology to measure the liquid level or the interface level between two liquids. In addition to the normal function of reporting process level PV, the DLC series uses the FOUNDATION Fieldbus protocol, which allows easy access to important information about process operations and can be integrated into new or existing control systems at any time.

Main purpose and scope of application: It is widely used in the measurement of the level, boundary and density of various pressure, high temperature and low temperature liquids in the production process control of petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power and light industry.

FOXBORO (Foxboro) series intelligent float liquid (interface) level transmitter

This level gauge combines the rich experience of FOXBORO and adopts the most advanced digital technology. All the sensors, amplifiers, torque transmission components, watch case components, heat dissipation components and other key components of the meter head of this series of transmitters are original products provided by FOXBORO. The whole machine is delivered according to original standards. The buoyancy of the float is transmitted to the working rod of the sensor through the float rod and the torque tube, and then acts on the free end of the sensor element. Four thin-film metal strain measuring elements are sprayed onto the sensor element, and the resistance changes with tension or pressure. The four thin-film metal strain measuring elements are connected to a Wheatstone bridge powered by an amplifier, and the diagonal bridge voltage proportional to the effective weight is fed back to the electronic amplifier as an input signal. The voltage is converted into a 4-20mA two-wire output signal through an electronic amplifier.

*HART communication, 4 20mA output

* Measuring point backup

* Physical units such as% and 4-20mA can be displayed on site

* Configuration via FDT-DTM

* Continuous self-test, status and test information

* Easy to adjust the measuring point, without factory calibration

* Process temperature range 196℃+500℃

* Multi-language LCD display

* Configurable safety value

* Standard IR communication

*32-point linear volume measurement

* Utilize metal thin film sensor technology

Classificationencoding rulesillustrate
seriesUTDIntelligent float level gauge
brandZkaidi's own brandkaidi
Measurement typeYLiquid level
Installation methodCSide loading
DTop loading
Pressure Level1PN102CL150LB
Range-density*-*Unit mm-g/cm3* Arabic numerals
W2≥ 180
Inner sink materialTititanium
TOther material customization
Explosion-proof formOmitno request
aIntrinsically safe
AccessoriesOmitNo accessories
WWith outer floatDWith guide tube
Outer float materialCCarbon steelPL316L
Connecting flange*Flange diameter20,25,32,40,50,65,80,100
Sealing surfaceOmitRaised faceSuitable for pressure below 10MPa
FFFull planeSuitable for atmospheric pressure
MConvexSuitable for matching with concave surface
FMConcaveSuitable for matching with convex surface
RJRing connection surfaceSuitable for high pressure
Keep warmOmitNo insulationNo insulation requirements omitted
B1Type C heating (recommended)
B2Electric heating


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More  Model available for all appication, different termperture and pressure!

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