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Kaidi KD UGS/UNS Quartz Tube Level Gauge for chemical

Kaidi KD UGS/UNS Quartz Tube Level Gauge for chemical

Kaidi KD UGS/UNS Quartz Tube Level Gauge for chemical
  • Kaidi KD UGS/UNS Quartz Tube Level Gauge for chemical
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Kaidi KD UGS/UNS Quartz Tube Level Gauge for chemical
petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy
Measuring Range:
≤ 2000mm
Process Pressure:
≤ 10MPa
Process Temperature:
≤ 520℃
Process Connection:
DN20, DN25, (other specifications can be customized by agreement)
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UGS/UNS series two-color quartz tube level gauge is a liquid level product that uses optical principles and high-quality quartz tube materials. It is an updated product of ordinary glass tube level gauges and is widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, etc. The level measurement of various transparent liquid containers and boilers in the industry, such as: water, gasoline, liquefied gas, liquid ammonia, propane, propylene, aromatic hydrocarbons, acids and other oils and chemical raw materials. It is also suitable for the boundary of two different medium densities. Position measurement. The two-color liquid level gauge is installed on various measuring containers, and the liquid level changes can be directly observed. The liquid phase display is green, the gas phase display is red, and the interface measurement is a three-color interface. The contrast between liquid and gas display is very clear, and it is clear and clear in long-distance observation and night patrol. It successfully overcomes the shortcomings of ordinary plate level gauges such as bulkiness, large sealing area, easy leakage, unclear display and difficult color observation at close range. There are standard type, heat preservation type (stainless steel sheath with heat preservation pipe), anti-corrosion type (teflon sprayed in the wetted part), full range type without blind zone, and also can choose to install lighting equipment at night or Use in poorly lit places.


In the display of the level gauge, it makes full use of the principle of light reflection and refraction, and uses a special structure and process to design and manufacture. The level gauge displays the liquid phase is green, the gas phase is red, and the level display is more intuitive and clear, far better than ordinary Glass tube level gauge, which can directly read the actual liquid level height of the liquid level in the container.


Measuring range≤ 2000mmOperating pressure≤ 10MPa
Temperature range≤ 520Self-locking pressure of steel ball≥ 0.3MPa
Quartz tube outer diameterφ20φ24φ29Optional connection methodFlange or thread (the size and size of the customer can be customized by agreement)
Cork materialCarbon steel, 304, PP (others can be customized by agreement)Flange materialCarbon steel, 304, PP (others can be customized by agreement)
Shield materialCarbon steel, 304 (others can be customized by agreement)Ruler materialHigh-quality aluminum alloy
Optional accessoriesSteam heating device (with connection interface)Heated steam jacket interfaceG 1/2” external thread (other specifications and sizes can be negotiated)
Connecting flangeDN20, DN25, (other specifications can be customized by agreement)


 High temperature and high pressure resistance:

The raw material of this product's quartz tube is made of transparent quartz tube with a purity of up to 99.99% silica. It is treated with a special process and has strong high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and excellent mechanical properties. Its deformation point temperature is as high as 1077 ℃, and the softening point temperature is 1730. ℃, compressive strength 10MPa. Expansion coefficient 5.5X10-7. Compared with the glass tube, the glass tube has stronger corrosion resistance and pressure resistance, and has the characteristics of uniform thickness, high transparency, clear indication, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and high pressure resistance.

Two-color color display liquid level or interface level:

The quartz tube of this product adopts a special structure. At the same time, the level gauge shield is processed by a special process, making full use of the principle of natural light refraction and reflection in the air and liquid, so that the gas phase is displayed in red, the liquid phase is displayed in green, and the red and green phases are Measure the liquid level to make the liquid level display more intuitive and clear.

Self-sealing design:

The cork (valve) part of this product adopts a safe self-sealing structure design. When the glass tube is broken due to external force, it can effectively prevent the continuous flow of the medium in the measuring container and the tank from causing accidents or economic losses. The self-sealing structure It provides a very effective safety guarantee for the safety measurement of the glass tube.

Low temperature can be equipped with temperature heating or cooling device:

The heat tracing or cooling device can be customized according to the customer's measurement requirements. The connection port has various forms and can be customized according to the customer's on-site interface form or size. It is easy to install and does not require the customer to change the interface form or size. When heating, it can be heated by steam or hot water to prevent freezing or crystallization of the medium due to low temperature. During cooling: When the temperature of the measuring medium is too high and vaporization is easy to occur, cold water can be used for cooling to slow down the vaporization of the medium and make the liquid level display more accurate and stable.

 Display scale ruler:

The panel display scale material of this product is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. The panel display scale is clear and accurate, and it can be used for a long time and is not easy to fade.

Lighting device:

In order to improve the visibility of this product, this product can add a lighting device in the passport, which can be conveniently used in a dark environment, the display value is clear, accurate, and the reading is convenient.

 No blind zone design:

In order to meet the customer's requirements for no blind zone measurement, this product can be designed with a special process structure to achieve the product's no blind zone measurement requirements.


ClassificationEncoding rulesillustrate
SeriesUGS/UNSQuartz tube level gauge
UNSThree-wayLarge diameter anti-sticking or spraying anti-corrosion
Blind spot requirementsOmitno requestWNo blind spots
Show1Liquid level monochrome
2Liquid level two-color
3Boundary Tricolor
Pressure Level1.6PN162 CL150LB
Measuring range*-*Unit mm* Arabic numerals (center distance)
Wetted materialCCarbon steelCFThree-way carbon steel spraying
CP304PFTee 304 spraying
Flange specification*Flange diameter15202532405065xx
Sealing surfaceOmitRaised faceSuitable for pressure below 10MPa
FFFull planeSuitable for atmospheric pressure
MConvexSuitable for matching with concave surface
FMConcaveSuitable for matching with convex surface
RJRing connection surfaceSuitable for high pressure
Quartz tube specifications2424*8
Medium temperatureW20  200
W4200  350
W5350  500
AccessoriesOmitNo attachments
BWith insulation
DWith light

Application examples:

UGS two-color quartz tube level gauge without blind zone, two-color Cork type, pressure rating 1.6MPa, measuring range 1000mm, rated temperature 300℃, material 304, flange

Caliber DN25, raised sealing surface, heat tracing with heat preservation tube, size of quartz tube 24*8, with lighting on site.

Model: UGS-W-2-1.6-1000-P-25-24-W4-B-D

Please Send Us your Application details

Measuring range , medium, Installation method (flange, thread), Pressure range, Remote transmitter, Level alarm switch

Our technical team will check your specifications and make a best solution for you.


More  Model available for all appication, different termperture and pressure!

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