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Kaidi UB Mica Water Level Gauge for petrochemical

Kaidi UB Mica Water Level Gauge for petrochemical

Kaidi UB Mica Water Level Gauge for petrochemical
  • Kaidi UB Mica Water Level Gauge for petrochemical
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Kaidi UB Mica Water Level Gauge for petrochemical
Steam boilers for power plants, petrochemical and industrial and mining companies
Measuring Range:
Process Pressure:
Max 22.5MPa
Process Temperature:
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The UB series two-color mica water level gauge is an in-situ direct-reading instrument designed and manufactured by our company based on the monitoring of the water (liquid) level of steam boilers or other pressure vessels in power plants, petrochemical and industrial and mining enterprises. Based on the advantages and disadvantages of a transmissive two-color water level gauge, a new type of two-color water level gauge has been successfully developed. The water level gauge has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, good observation effect, and long service life of window components. If it is equipped with a color industrial television monitoring system, the actual water level on site can be remotely monitored on the monitor screen in the control room.


The light emitted by the red-green light source is directed to the liquid cavity of the water level gauge body. In the vapor phase part of the cavity,The red light hits straight ahead, while the green light hits the wall obliquely to be absorbed. And in the liquid phase part of the cavity, by The refraction at the water level causes the green light to shoot straight ahead, and the red light obliquely hits the wall, so it is straight ahead Observation shows that the soda is red, water and green. The self-flushing two-color water level gauge is a functional design of the body on the basis of the traditional two-color water level gauge, adding a strong flushing function. A condenser is arranged on the top of the water level gauge body, and the inside of the condenser is separated by a partition with a middle hole, and is biased to the outside. The partition is to prevent the condensate from flowing to one end, and the deviation to the outside is because the outside temperature is low, and the formation of condensate is fast. The purpose is to prevent the condensate from flowing in the two rows of windows. When the saturated steam in the steam drum flows through the condenser, the heat dissipation function of the condenser is used to form a large amount of salt-free pure water. The pure water continuously flushes the observation window along the inner surface of the two rows of windows. The dirt attached to the mica in the observation window is washed away. More importantly, the formed large amount of purified water flows back into the body cavity and continuously replaces with the saturated water in the body. Finally, the saturated water in the body cavity becomes pure water without salt and impurities, so that the window is free of scales. The color is high-definition and long-lasting, which improves the observation effect and prolongs the service life of the window assembly.


Monitoring methodDirect front visual or color monitor monitoring
Water level displayColor separation according to medium, steam red, water green
Installation center distance670mm or according to user requirements
Lighting source24V DC 60W Light Emitting Diode (LED)
Interface formWelding or flange connection
The visible range can also be specially manufactured according to user requirements


UBYSYafeng Mica Two-color Water Level Gauge
structure type1Single row2Double row
Process connectionSWFlangeless welding typeFFlange type
Connection specificationsOmitLiquid level monochrome15DN15
Installation directionLInstallation on the leftRInstallation on the right
Pressure rating (MPa)4PN405Class300
6.3PN6310PN 100
RangeRange (mm)



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