Tank Gauging Communicator

Tank gauging communicator is a type of handheld device used in the oil and gas industry to communicate with tank gauging systems. It allows operators to remotely monitor and control tank levels, temperature, pressure, and other parameters from a safe distance. Tank gauging communicators can also be used to diagnose and troubleshoot issues with tank gauging systems, as well as perform maintenance and calibration tasks. They typically feature a user-friendly interface and a range of connectivity options, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB, to enable easy data transfer and integration with other systems.

Tank gauging communicators work by connecting to the tank gauging system and transmitting information about the tank's level, temperature, pressure, and other parameters. The servo gauge communicator typically uses a variety of sensors and probes to collect data from the tank, which is then analyzed and transmitted to the handheld device.

The communicator used to configure and calibrate the tank level gauging system, as well as to diagnose and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. This can include sending commands to control valves, pumps, and other equipment involved in the tank gauging process.

In addition, some tank gauging communicators may feature advanced capabilities such as cloud connectivity, data logging, and remote access, allowing operators to access and analyze tank data from anywhere with an internet connection. Overall, tank gauging communicators play an important role in ensuring efficient and safe operation of tanks in the oil and gas industry.

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