Fire detection series

This UV Flame detector Intelligent flame detection sensor is equipped with an intelligent sensor that utilizes a microprocessor for efficient communication. It combines the functions of a fire detector and signal amplifier into one compact unit. Using a highly sensitive UV photoelectric sensor, it reliably detects flame signals while also boasting an attractive design and small size. To further enhance accuracy in detecting and differentiating flame signals, our design incorporates a fuzzy algorithm that takes into account variations in signal properties and strengths. Our unique shape structure also improves the product's temperature performance, making it suitable for hazardous explosion-proof environments. Additionally, the detector has an internal temperature detection and alarm feature for monitoring its operational status.

In addition to connecting with the FSSS system, this fire detector sensor product can also be used to create a separate flame detection system with its own upper computer software. It can easily replace imported fire inspection products, and can also be used to upgrade traditional fire inspection products.

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