Flow Instrument

Flow meters measure the quantity of a fluid passing through a pipe or channel in any state such as liquid, gas or steam. The flow meter is calibrated for a specific set of conditions and cannot measure two states simultaneously. Flow meters are sophisticated measuring devices that employ a range of technologies designed to quantify the rate or volume of a moving fluid, either liquid or gas, in an open or closed conduit. Impact flow meter are usually used in domestic and various industrial sectors to measure the volume or mass of a liquid or gas, depending on the application.Flow instrumentation is the quantification of bulk fluid movement. Flow can be measured in a variety of ways. Feel free to contact Kaidi Sensors, a professional flow meter manufacturer. The common flow instrument types with industrial applications are listed below:

 Electromagnetic Flowmeter

 Ultrasonic Flowmeter

 Turbine Flowmeter

 Vortex Flowmeter

 Flow Meter

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