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Kaidi KD QTLU Precession Vortex Flow Meter for Compressed Air, Natural Gas

Kaidi KD QTLU Precession Vortex Flow Meter for Compressed Air, Natural Gas

Kaidi KD QTLU Precession Vortex Flow Meter for Compressed Air, Natural Gas
  • Kaidi KD QTLU Precession Vortex Flow Meter for Compressed Air, Natural Gas
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Kaidi KD QTLU Precession Vortex Flow Meter for Compressed Air, Natural Gas
Natural Gas, Compressed Air
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QTLU series precession vortex flow meter adopts advanced micro-processing technology.


It has the advantages of strong function, wide flow range, simple operation and maintenance, convenient installation and use, etc.

A new type of gas flow meter whose main technical indicators have reached the advanced level of similar foreign products.

It is applied to various gas measurement in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgical coal and other industries.


Built-in pressure, temperature and flow sensors, high safety performance, compact structure and beautiful appearance.

Local display of temperature, pressure, instantaneous flow and cumulative flow.

The use of a new signal processing amplifier and unique filtering technology effectively eliminates the interference signals generated by pressure fluctuations and pipeline vibration, greatly improving the anti-interference ability of the flowmeter, and making the small flow rate have excellent stability.

Unique time display and real-time data storage function, no matter what the situation, it can ensure that the internal data will not be lost and can be stored permanently.

The power consumption of the whole machine is extremely low, and it can run on the internal battery for a long time. It is ideal for on-site display instrument without external power supply.

The anti-theft function is reliable, with password protection to prevent parameter changes.

The meter head can be rotated 180 degrees at will, easy to install.



When the fluid passes through the vortex generator composed of spiral blades, the fluid is forced to rotate vigorously around the axis of the generator body to form a vortex. When the fluid enters the diffusion section, the vortex flow is affected by the backflow and starts to make a second rotation, forming a gyroscopic vortex precession phenomenon. The precession frequency is proportional to the flow rate and is not affected by the physical properties and density of the fluid. The detection element measures the precession frequency of the second rotation of the fluid, and then knows the flow rate. And good linearity can be obtained in a wide flow range. The flow calculation formula is: K=f/q

K ——Flow meter coefficient l/m³

f——vortex frequency Hz

q——Volume flow m³/s

The meter coefficient of the flowmeter has nothing to do with the temperature, pressure, composition and physical properties (density, viscosity) of the fluid within a certain structural parameter and the specified Reynolds number range.

The flow meter is composed of a sensor and a conversion display instrument.

1. The sensor includes a vortex generator, a detection element, a rectifier and a housing.

The vortex generator is composed of special spiral blades, which are fixed at the front end of the contraction section of the shell to force the fluid to generate a strong vortex flow.

The detection element is installed near the throat of the expansion tube, and the frequency signal of the vortex precession can be measured with the detection elements such as thermal, piezoelectric, strain, capacitance or optical fiber.

The rectifier is fixed at the outlet of the meter body of the flowmeter, and its function is to eliminate the vortex flow, so as to reduce the influence of the downstream flow pattern on the meter measurement.

The shell is designed into a flow channel of a certain shape to form a vortex, fix and protect the components installed inside, and connect with the pipeline through a flange.

2. Conversion display

The weak voltage signal detected by the piezoelectric sensor is amplified, filtered, and reshaped into a pulse signal whose frequency is proportional to the flow rate, and then counted and displayed by the display. The indicator is equipped with an external output interface to output various signals. The measured gas medium can be compensated for temperature and pressure, converted into volume flow under standard conditions, and displayed.





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