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kaidi KD FRL Liquid Vortex Flow Meter IP65 for coal gas measuring

kaidi KD FRL Liquid Vortex Flow Meter IP65 for coal gas measuring

kaidi KD FRL Liquid Vortex Flow Meter IP65 for coal gas measuring
  • kaidi KD FRL Liquid Vortex Flow Meter IP65 for coal gas measuring
  • 1-2-3-4-5-Inch-4-20mA-Stainless-Steel-Flange-Type-Vortex-Flow-Meter-for-Steam-Air-Liquid-with-High-Quality.webp (1).jpg
  • 1-2-3-4-5-Inch-4-20mA-Stainless-Steel-Flange-Type-Vortex-Flow-Meter-for-Steam-Air-Liquid-with-High-Quality.webp (2).jpg
kaidi KD FRL Liquid Vortex Flow Meter IP65 for coal gas measuring
Kenya Vortex Steam; Water Vapor Measuring; Coal Gas Measuring
Protection Grade:
IP65 or higher (can be customized)
±1%R, ±0.5%R, ±0.2%R (specially required)
Explosion proof certification:
ExiaIICT4 or ExdIIBT6
Outer Covering:
304 stainless steel, 316 (L) stainless steel, etc.
Process temperature:
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The FRL series turbine flow meter is a new generation of turbine flow meters with the characteristics of simple structure, light weight, high precision, good reproducibility, sensitive response, easy installation, maintenance and use. It is widely used. It is not corrosive to stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 2Cr13, corundum AI2O3 and cemented carbide in measuring closed pipelines, and there is no fiber, particles and other impurities. The kinematic viscosity of liquids with a kinematic viscosity of less than 5×106m2/s at working temperature is greater than 5× The liquid of 106m2/s can be used after the flow meter is calibrated in real liquid. If matched with a display instrument with special functions, it can also carry out quantitative control, over-quantity alarm, etc. It is an ideal instrument for flow measurement and energy saving. 

 High accuracy, generally up to ±1%R, ±0.5%R, high-precision type up to ±0.2%R;


 Good repeatability, the short-term repeatability can reach 0.05%~0.2%. It is precisely because of the good repeatability. For example, frequent calibration or online calibration can obtain extremely high accuracy. It is the preferred flow meter in trade settlement;


  Output pulse frequency signal, suitable for total measurement and connection with computer, no zero drift, strong anti-interference ability;


  High frequency signals (3~4kHz) can be obtained, and the signal resolution is strong;


 Wide range, medium and large diameters can reach 1:20, and small diameters are 1:10;


 Compact and lightweight structure, convenient installation and maintenance, and large circulation capacity;


  It is suitable for high-pressure measurement, and there is no need to open holes on the meter body, so it is easy to make a high-pressure meter;


 There are many types of special sensors, which can be designed as various special sensors according to the special needs of users, such as low temperature type, two-way type, downhole type, special type for sand mixing, etc.;


  It can be made into a plug-in type, suitable for large-caliber measurement, with small pressure loss, low price, continuous flow out, easy installation and maintenance

Executive standardTurbine flow sensor (JB/T92461999)

Instrument caliber (mm)

And connection method

4, 6, 10, 15, 20, 25, 32, 40 are connected by thread

15, 20, 25, 32, 40) 50, 65, 80, 100,125, 150, 200 adopt flange connection

Accuracy class±1%R, ±0.5%R, ±0.2%R (specially required)
Turndown ratio110115120
Sensor material304 stainless steel, 316 (L) stainless steel, etc.
Conditions of UseMedium: -200°C+120°C; Environment: -200°C+60°C
Relative humidity5%90% Atmospheric pressure: 86Kpa106Kpa
Signal output functionPulse signal, 420mA signal
Communication output functionRS485 communication, HART protocol, etc.
Power supply

External power supply: +24VDC±15%, ripple ≤±5%, suitable for 420mA output, pulse output, RS485, etc.

Internal power supply: 1 set of 3.0V10AH lithium battery, the battery voltage can work normally at 2.0V3.0V

Signal line interface

Basic type: Hausmann connector or self-contained three-core cable;

Explosion-proof type: internal thread M20×1.5

Explosion-proof gradeExiaIICT4 or ExdIIBT6
Protection levelIP65 or higher (can be customized)

Instrument caliber (mm)Normal flow range (m3/h)Extended flow range (m3/h)Conventional connection method and withstand voltage ratingSpecial pressure rating (Mpa) (flange clamp)
DN40. connection/6.3MPa101625
DN60. connection/6.3MPa101625
DN100. connection/6.3MPa101625
DN150.660.48Thread connection/6.3MPa4.06.3101625
Flange connection/2.5MPa
DN200.8~80.459Thread connection/6.3MPa4.06.3101625
Flange connection/2.5MPa
DN251100.510Thread connection/6.3MPa4.06.3101625
Flange connection/2.5MPa
DN321.5150.815Thread connection/6.3MPa4.06.3101625
Flange connection/2.5MP
DN40220120Thread connection/6.3MPa4.06.3101625
Flange connection/2.5MP
DN50440240Flange connection/2.5MP4.06.3101625
DN65770470Flange connection/2.5MP4.06.3101625
DN80101005100Flange connection/2.5MP4.06.3101625
DN1002020010200Flange connection/1.6MP2.54.06.3101625
DN1252525013250Flange connection/1.6MP2.54.06.3101616
DN1503030015300Flange connection/1.6MP2.54.06.31016
DN2008080040800Flange connection/1.6MP2.54.06.31016

When the measured fluid flows through the sensor, under the action of the fluid, the impeller is rotated by force, and its speed is proportional to the average flow velocity of the pipeline. The rotation of the impeller periodically changes the magnetic resistance value of the magnetoelectric converter. The magnetic flux in the detection coil changes periodically to produce a periodic induced electric potential, that is, an electric pulse signal, which is amplified by an amplifier and sent to the display instrument for display.

 Measurement of steam - saturated steam in power plants and chemical facilities.

 Gas flow measurement - natural gas, ammonia, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, methane chloride.

 Demineralized and pure water in biotech, semiconductor, and pharmaceutical.

 Air flow measurement - dust control and compressed air consumption.

 Oil and crude methanol up to 100 centipoises.


 Food processing


Gas: air,oxygen,carbon dioxide,nitrogen,natural gas,lpg,biogas,etc


Liquid: water,oil,etc


Steam:saturated steam and superheated steam,vapor etc


Our technical team will check your specifications and make a best solution for you.


More  Model available for all appication, different termperture and pressure!

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