Temp & Press Transmitter

Temp & Press Transmitter including types of temperature measuring devices,such as pressure transmitter & temperature transmitter.

Kaidi level indicator manufacturer specialized in press transmitter & temp transmitter for more than 20 years.A vacuum pressure transmitter is a mechanical device that measures the expansive force of a liquid or gaseous sample. Also known as a pressure transducer, this type of sensor is typically composed of a pressure sensitive surface area made of steel, silicon, or other materials depending upon the analyte's composition.Pressure transmitter are used in industrial and process applications to measure the pressure of liquids, fluids, and gases in different working equipment.

Temperature transmitter is an electrical instrument, which interfaces the temperature sensor to isolate, amplify, filter noise and convert the signal from the sensor to send it to the control device. It is a tool to help measure and alert temperature changes.The transmitter is responsible for converting the small electrical signal from the temperature sensor into a more readable signal for the processing unit.

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