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kaidi KDT800-225 Flameproof Industrial Pressure Transmitter

kaidi KDT800-225 Flameproof Industrial Pressure Transmitter

kaidi KDT800-225 Flameproof Industrial Pressure Transmitter
  • kaidi KDT800-225 Flameproof Industrial Pressure Transmitter
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kaidi KDT800-225 Flameproof Industrial Pressure Transmitter
Hydraulic and pneumatic control; petrochemical, environmental protection, air compression
Measuring Range:
Protection Grade:
Process Pressure:
Process Temperature:
-20~60℃(Flame-proof type)
Process Connection:
M20×1.5 or customised
Explosion proof certification:
Exdll CT6 Gb
Outer Covering:
Aluminium alloy explosion-proof housing
Power supply
12~28VDC(Recommended value:24VDC)
Signal output
4~20mA HART protocol optional
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Product Overview

KDT800-225 Flame-proof Industrial Pressure Transmitter is a high-precision, high-stability, on-site setting, LCD display of intelligent pressure measurement products, optional HART protocol function. Users can manage or calibrate the parameters through the host computer, and can also use the keypad for on-site calibration, easy to operate.

The product adopts the latest digital technology in the field of sensors, combined with advanced pressure transmitter design and manufacturing technology, precision digital temperature compensation and non-linear correction technology, safe and reliable explosion-proof circuit design and standardised signal output, high measurement accuracy, wide range coverage, suitable for the need for precision measurement of fluid pressure places.

The product works in two-wire mode, and can directly replace the analogue two-wire 4~20mA output transmitter.

Product Features

● 4~20mA current output optional HART protocol function

 ● Adopt digital wide temperature compensation and non-linear correction technology.

 ● With on-site zero and range adjustment function.

 ● On-site key operation, convenient configuration

 ● Meet Exdll CT6 Gb explosion-proof requirements.

Scope of application

● Hydraulic and pneumatic control

 ● Petrochemical, environmental protection, air compression

 ● Other industrial automation process control and inspection systems

 ● Chemicals and chemical industry

 ● Light industry, metallurgy, machinery

Technical parameters

 Pressure type Gauge pressure, absolute pressure
 Pressure range (bar) 0.5  1  2  4  5  10  16  25  40  60  100 160  200  250  300  400  500  600
 signal output 4~20mA HART protocol optional Storage temperature -40~+105℃ 
 Signal Cable Specifications 2 Wire overload pressure 150%FS 
 Display Mode LCD display destructive pressure 200%FS
 Supply Voltage 12~28VDC(Recommended value:24VDC) Housing Material Aluminium alloy explosion-proof housing
 accurate ±0.25%FS、±0.5%FS、±1%FS electrical interface direct lead
 operating temperature-20~60℃(Flame-proof type) pressure port M20×1.5 or customised
 protection class Ip65 Explosion-proof certification Exdll CT6 Gb

external structure

Electrical interface and wiring method

Please Send Us your Application details

Measuring range , medium, Installation method (flange, thread), Pressure range, Remote transmitter, Level alarm switch

Our technical team will check your specifications and make a best solution for you.


More  Model available for all appication, different termperture and pressure!

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