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Kaidi KD UQD Intelligent Large Float Level Transmitter IP67 for chemical industry

Kaidi KD UQD Intelligent Large Float Level Transmitter IP67 for chemical industry

Kaidi KD UQD Intelligent Large Float Level Transmitter IP67 for chemical industry
  • Kaidi KD UQD Intelligent Large Float Level Transmitter IP67 for chemical industry
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Kaidi KD UQD Intelligent Large Float Level Transmitter IP67 for chemical industry
Petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power and other industries
Protection Grade:
Class 1.0; Class 1.5
Process Pressure:
≤ 6.3MPa
Process Temperature:
-40℃≤ T ≤ 500℃
Explosion proof certification:
Explosion-proof type Exd||BT1~T6 Intrinsically safe type Exia||CT1~T6
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UQD series intelligent large float level transmitter is the third-generation upgraded product of electric float level gauge. On the basis of the original two generations of liquid level transmitters, it has the advantages of product maintenance, instrument sensitivity, and high temperature resistance. , Sealing reliability has been greatly improved and improved.


This series of products are mainly based on the principle of Archimedes buoyancy. When the liquid level rises and falls, the large floating ball floating on the liquid level of the measuring medium is subjected to buoyancy, and will float up and down with the rise and fall of the liquid level, driving the driven connection mechanism The angle is changed to convert the liquid level change into an angle change, and the angle change is converted into a liquid level change through a high-precision angle sensor and an analog signal is output. In order to improve the sensitivity of the product, a set of lever counterweight counterweights is designed. The number and position of the counterweights can be adjusted externally according to changes in density and range, so as to balance the buoyancy of the float, the gravity of the float, and the gravity of the connecting rod. And the purpose of the friction between the connecting shafts, effectively improving the sensitivity and stability of the product. The head part of the transmitter is separated from the measuring mechanism, which improves the explosion-proof level and makes the measurement safer and more accurate. The transmitter converts the analog voltage signal into a 4-20mA two-wire current output signal, and is loaded with HART protocol communication. It can realize the functions of remote configuration, monitoring, maintenance, and calibration of the instrument, and can constitute a production process measurement, supervision and management system. It is especially suitable for continuous measurement of the liquid level of hot heavy oil (temperature ≤ 450°C, pressure ≤ 6.3MPa), viscous dirty media, asphalt, grease and other oils, as well as flammable, explosive, and corrosive media in oil refineries. It can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, medicine and other industrial fields, and it is an ideal liquid level instrument in production process control.


product-Kaidi KD UQD Intelligent Large Float Level Transmitter IP67 for chemical industry-Kaidi Sens-2


UQD Intelligent Large Float Ball Liquid Level Transmitter is mainly composed of two parts: measuring sensing mechanism and intelligent transmitter. The measuring sensor element is a spherical floating ball. The transmitter uses a balance bar, a balance hammer and a floating ball to form a moment balance mechanism, so the floating ball can freely rise and fall with changes in liquid level. According to different structural characteristics, it can be divided into UQD-1 small corner type and UQD-2 large corner type. When the liquid level changes, the position of the floating ball changes accordingly, driving the main shaft to rotate. The main shaft is connected to the output shaft of the meter head (indicator) angular displacement sensor. The angular displacement sensor converts the floating ball into corresponding changes with the liquid level. The electric signal of the float controller is converted into a standard current signal proportional to the change of the liquid level by the circuit inside the float controller.


voltage24V DCNominal pressure≤ 6.3MPa
Output4  20mA superimposed HART communicationNominal diameterDN250
Load Resistance230  1100ΩAccuracy classClass 1.0; Class 1.5
Damping time selection0  32 secondsMedium density≥ 0.55/cm3
Operating temperature-40≤ T ≤ 500Ambient temperature 30℃~ 70
Measuring range400  1200mm (small corner type); 550  1600mm (large corner type)
Flange standardHG/T20592-2009, HG/T20615-2009 or according to user requirements
Power inletM20X1.5 (inside) or according to user requirements
Protection levelIP67
Diagnosis functionWhen the instrument fails, output the alarm current
Configuration functionConfiguration of engineering unit, range, display, measurement type, medium density, float height, alarm, etc.
Alarm functionThe upper and lower alarm limits can be set. Output 3.8mA below the lower limit; output 22mA above the upper limit
Monitoring dynamic variable functionLiquid level/boundary level, percentage, output current, etc.
Upper and lower limit calibrationTwo-point calibration function to achieve fine adjustment of zero point and full scale
Fixed-point fine-tuningMigrate at any point to realize the translation function
In-place configuration functionConfigure engineering units, range, display, damping, density, etc. and have data recovery functions
LCD display functionWith backlight, with symbols, 5-digit LCD display, can display various engineering units
Power failure protectionYes


UQDKaidi Intelligent Large Float Level Transmitter
Type1Small corner2Big corner
Flange diameter250DN250XXXDNXXX
Pressure Level2.5PN252Class 150
4PN405Class 300
Range-XXXUnit mm
Density-XXXUnit g/cm3
Flange materialCCarbon steelP304
TOther material
Flange sealing surfaceOmitRFFConvex
FMConcaveFFFull plane
Float materialP304PL316L
P1321TOther material
Explosion-proof gradeOmitNo explosion-proof requirements
aIntrinsically safebFlameproof

Application examples:

Intelligent large floating ball liquid level transmitter, large angle type, measuring range 1200mm, medium density 0.8g/cm3, flange 304, floating ball material 316L, pressure rating 4.0MPa, flange sealing surface raised face, explosion-proof rating type.

Model: UQD-2-250-4.0-1200-0.8-PPLb


Our technical team will check your specifications and make a best solution for you.


More  Model available for all appication, different termperture and pressure!

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