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Kaidi KD-CYYZ3051D/T Single Flange Pressure Transmitter 4~20mA+HARTCapacitive Type

Kaidi KD-CYYZ3051D/T Single Flange  Pressure Transmitter 4~20mA+HARTCapacitive Type

Kaidi KD-CYYZ3051D/T Single Flange  Pressure Transmitter 4~20mA+HARTCapacitive Type
  • Kaidi KD-CYYZ3051D/T Single Flange  Pressure Transmitter 4~20mA+HARTCapacitive Type
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Kaidi KD-CYYZ3051D/T Single Flange Pressure Transmitter 4~20mA+HARTCapacitive Type
Food Industry/Pharmaceutical industry/Petroleum/Petrochemical/Chemical
<5:1≤±0.1%FS(Range ratio)/≥5:1≤±0.25%FS(Range ratio)
Explosion proof certification:
Ex ia IIC T6 Ga
Process temperature:
-40~85℃(normal type) /-20~70℃(LCD display head)
Power supply
Signal output
DC4-20mA+HART protocol
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Intelligent pressure transmitter is a new type of intelligent instrument jointly developed by our company using domestic multi-party technical forces. The instrument adopts microprocessor technology for temperature compensation and nonlinear compensation, which greatly improves the measurement accuracy of the instrument, improves the temperature and thermal performance, expands the range ratio, and adds intelligent configuration functions, which further meets the requirements of high reliability and high performance of industrial field instruments. Stability requirements. The key components and parts are imported, and the whole machine leaves the factory after strict testing. It has the characteristics of reliable product quality, complete varieties and specifications, and easy installation and use.


▲Pressure measurement of gases and liquids

▲Food Industry

▲Pharmaceutical industry


▲Viscous media measurement

▲Occasions with high hygiene and cleanliness requirements


◐During the operation of the instrument, the instrument can be configured in real time, such as modifying the range, monitoring variables, etc.

◐The pressure signal can be intelligently linearized to ensure accurate and reliable measurement data.

◐There are reverse protection circuits and current limiting circuits on the circuit board to avoid accidental damage to the circuit as much as possible.

◐The configured parameters are stored in EPROM and can remain unchanged.

◐High precision and high reliability.

◐Solid components, pluggable electronic circuit boards, robust against vibration.

◐Explosion-proof structure, all-weather use.

◐Span, zero point and damping are continuously adjustable on site.

◐The indicating mechanism is completely isolated from the measured medium, with good sealing performance, high reliability and safe use.

◐High-quality sensing has high sensitivity and fast response speed, accurately reflects subtle changes in flowing or static pages, and has high measurement accuracy.

The single-flange liquid level transmitter has a large measuring range and is not limited by the height of the storage tank.


Output signal:DC4-20mA+HART protocol

Output method:Linear output

                        Square root output (remotely adjustable via configuration software)

Measuring range:

Zero and Span: It can be adjusted with the Span and Zero buttons of the machine, or remotely with the HART handheld smart terminal.

Positive and negative zero migration: when the zero point is negative, the lower limit of the range must be greater than or equal to -URL; when the zero is positive, the upper limit of the range must be less than or equal to +URL. The inspection range must be greater than or equal to the lower range limit.

Damping time constant: The time constant is adjustable, in increments of 0.1 seconds, from the minimum to 32 seconds, if the damping time is 0, the default is 0.1.

Ambient temperature limit:-40~85℃(normal type)

                                          -20~70℃(LCD display head)

Process Temperature Limits:-40~175℃

Storage Temperature Limits:-40~85℃

Ambient humidity:0-95% relative humidity

Volume change:<0.01lin³ (4px)³ (under the reference conditions of zero reference calibration range, silicone oil filling, 316L stainless steel isolation diaphragm)

Accuracy:<5:1≤±0.1%FS(Range ratio)    ≥5:1≤±0.25%FS(Range ratio)

Stability:6 months, ±0.5% URL

Ambient temperature effects:-29~85℃

Zero point error:0.5%URL/56℃

Overall error:(0.5%URL+0.2% calibration range)/56℃ 

Vibration effects:In any axis, the vibration effect is 0.2%URL/g at 200Hz

Power supply range:12~36VDC

Intrinsically safe explosion-proof:Ex ia IIC T6 Ga  

Note: Intrinsically safe must be powered by a safety barrier or an intrinsically safe power supply

Installation location affects:The zero point drift is at most ±0.25KPa, and all zero point drift can be corrected; it has no effect on the range.

Load Effect: No load effect unless there is a change in supply voltage Load characteristics: current type load≤{(Us-12)/0.02(Us=supply voltage)}Ω





Please Send Us your Application details

Measuring range , medium, Installation method (flange, thread), Pressure range, Remote transmitter, Level alarm switch

Our technical team will check your specifications and make a best solution for you.


More  Model available for all appication, different termperture and pressure!

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