Level Switch Instrument

We are a leading manufacturer of custom liquid level float switches.Our Level Switch Instrument including vibronic level switch and high level switch.The rod principle changes the frequency of the measurement when the media touches the sensor and the electronic unit processes it to provide a relay or contact effect. The application of this vibronic level sensor is used for high, low warning in tanks in all industries.

The vibration type level switch oscillates a rod (stainless steel) using an electronic circuit. When this vibration rod touches material in a tank, its vibration stops and outputs detection signal.

A high level switch allows a container to be filled without overflowing, while a low level switch activates and alerts controllers that the container needs to be refilled.A high-level switch is an electrical switching device that operates based on a predetermined level of liquid or other material in a container. It is commonly used in industrial and commercial applications to monitor the level of fluids, powders, and granular materials in tanks, silos, and other vessels.

The operation of a high level switch typically involves a sensing element that is located at a specific height inside the container. When the material in the container reaches the height of the sensing element, it triggers the switch to turn on or off, depending on its configuration. The switch can then send a signal to a control system or alarm, indicating that the predetermined level has been reached.

There are different types of high-level switches available, such as float, optical, ultrasonic, and pressure switches. Each type has its own unique sensing mechanism and electrical output, which can be selected based on the application requirements and the properties of the material being monitored.

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