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120GFM Radar Level Meter

In radar level sensor, microwaves are transmitted by the antenna system of the radar sensor to the measured product, reflected by the product surface, and received back by the antenna system. The time from emission to reception of the signals is proportional to the level in the vessel.Through the lens of the terahertz frequency modulation 120GFM Radar Level Sensor, the beam is focused and the emission angle is very small, allowing for very strong penetration. Using its special environmental learning function, it can be used to ensure accurate and stable radar level measurement under high temperatures, high pressures, corrosion, and dust, along with a variety of simple installation components.

1. A variety of lens antennas, smaller emission angles, more concentrated energy, and stronger echo signals, so it has higher reliability than other radar level indicator products under the same industrial and mining conditions.

2. Smaller antenna size to meet the measurement requirements of more working conditions.

3. Radar with a measurement accuracy of up to 2mm and a blind area of 0.05m.

4. It has stronger penetrability and can be used normally under the condition of adhesion and condensation.

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