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Kaidi KD UZC High Temperature and High Pressure Magnetic Level Gauge

Kaidi KD UZC High Temperature and High Pressure Magnetic Level Gauge

Kaidi KD UZC High Temperature and High Pressure Magnetic Level Gauge
  • Kaidi KD UZC High Temperature and High Pressure Magnetic Level Gauge
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Kaidi KD UZC High Temperature and High Pressure Magnetic Level Gauge
Chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, sewage, petroleum and other fields
Measuring Range:
300- 6000mm
Process Pressure:
Process Temperature:
Process Connection:
DN20 25 32 40 50 65 80Ifotherflangesareused,pleaseindicatewhenordering
Outer Covering:
Stainless Steel 304/316L/321//Hastelloy/Others
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UZC type high temperature and high pressure magnetic level gauge is a series of level gauges specially designed by our company for high temperature and high pressure measurement environment. Magnetic level gauge is based on the connecting device principle, buoyancy principle and magnetic coupling principle work. When the liquid level in the measured vessel rises and falls, the float in the liquid level gauge chamber rises and falls with the buoyancy force, and the magnets inside the float are transferred to the fluorescent flip-flop on the field indication panel through magnetic coupling. When the liquid level rises, the flip-flop fluorescent surface flip, when the liquid level falls flip-flop non-fluorescent surface reversal, the indicator of the yellow-black or red-white junction, that is, the actual height of the medium level in the container (boundary level), so as to realize the level of the field indication. High-temperature and high-pressure magnetic flip-flop level meter is suitable for high-temperature and high-pressure liquid vessel level boundary level measurement and control, clearly indicates the height of the liquid level, intuitive and eye-catching display, the indicator is completely isolated from the tank, safe to use, reasonable design, simple structure, easy installation, stable reliability and long service life.


The wall thickness simulation design software independently developed according to the pressure vessel design standard can scientifically design the wall thickness of the pressure chamber of the product and the specifications and dimensions of the floating ball according to the pressure and temperature range of the customer's working conditions, effectively improving The pressure-bearing performance and safety performance of this series of products.


 The pressure-bearing chamber and the floating ball adopt the single-sided welding and double-sided forming process, which effectively guarantees the quality of the welding seam.


 For different pressure levels, the flange connection sealing surface of this product adopts high pressure design. When the connecting flange sealing surface adopts the RJ ring connection surface, the maximum design pressure can reach 42MPa.


 Flaw detection and inspection: This series of products will perform a series of flaw detection and inspection on the parts and chambers after welding according to different pressure levels to ensure the quality of the weld and zero defects of the material to the greatest extent.


The display panel adopts high temperature isolation technology for high temperature environment, which can effectively isolate the display panel from the high temperature chamber at high temperature, which improves the temperature resistance performance and service life of this product, and the maximum temperature resistance can reach 450 ℃.


 Water pressure test: After the production is completed, this product will be subjected to a rigorous high-pressure water pressure simulation experiment. The high-pressure water pressure holding test is 1.25-1.5 times of the customer's site design pressure, which is higher than the customer's site use pressure. The water pressure test simulates the customer's on-site use pressure, guarantees the safety performance and sealing performance of this series of products to the greatest extent, and provides the safest and most reliable products for customers' safe production measurement.


Measuring Range300- 15000mmRated Temperature≤450
Measurement Accuracy±5mmMedium Viscosity≤0.02Pa.S .
Nominal Pressure≤42MPaFollowing Speed≤0.08m/s
Medium Density≥0.35g/cm3Transmission OutputTwo-wire 4-20mA, DC600Ω load
Medium Density Difference≥0.03g/cm3 (measurement interface)Connection Flange SizeHG/T20592-20635-2009, DN20, PN2.5 If other flanges are used, please indicate when ordering


UZKaidi Magnetic Level Gauge
Type of installationCSide loadingDTop loading
Panel typeA1-40-80 normal temperatureZ1-190~-20 Vacuum
A280-180 medium temperatureZ2-20-180 Vacuum
A3180-350 high temperatureZ3Vacuum at 180-350
A4350-450 ultra high temperatureE-40-450 magnetic sensitivity
Pressure Rating (MPa)1PN1.02CL150LB
Range-DensityRange mm-density g/cm³
Flange MaterialP304PF304 lined with fluorine
PL316LCCarbon steel
Flange Diameter15Side mounted DN1550Top loading DN50
20Side mounted DN2065Top loading DN65
25Side mounted DN2580Top loading DN80
32Side mounted DN32100Top loading DN100
40Side mounted DN40125Top loading DN125
50Side mounted DN50150Top loading DN150
65Side mounted DN65200Top loading DN200
80Side mounted DN80250Top loading DN250
Flange sealing surfaceOmitRaised faceFMConcave
FConvexFFFull plane
Tube materialP304P1321
PF304 lined with fluorineTititanium
CType C insulation pipe (recommended)
T1Set vacuum insulation
T2Jacket insulation
D140-90 constant temperature electric heating
D2120°C temperature control adjustable electric heating
S1Anti-frost below -40°C
S2-40~-20 anti-frost
AccessoriesYRemote transmission level gauge
KAlarm switch



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More  Model available for all appication, different termperture and pressure!

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