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Radar Level Gauge Kaidi KD-FMF21 120GHz Powder IP66/67 for Solid

Radar Level Gauge Kaidi KD-FMF21 120GHz Powder IP66/67 for Solid
Antenna size: 78mm lens antenna + blowdown (or without blowdown)
Measuring Range:
Protection Grade:
Process Pressure:
Process Temperature:
Process Connection:
Flange ≥DN80
Explosion proof certification:
Exia ⅡC T6 Ga / Exd IIC T6 Gb
Outer Covering:
Aluminum /Plastic /Stainless steel
Power supply
Two-wire system (DC24V) Four-wire system (DC24V/AC220V)
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The KD-FMF series sensor is a 120G frequency modulation radar type level measuring instrument with a measuring distance of up to 150 meters. The antenna is further optimized, and the new and fast microprocessor can perform higher-speed signal analysis and processing, so that the meter can be used for measurement of environmental solids such as high temperature and high pressure.

The general principle of the FM continuous wave radar level gauge is that the radar emits electromagnetic waves on the top of the tank, and the electromagnetic waves are received by the radar after being reflected by the medium. The frequency difference δ f between the received signal and the transmitted signal is proportional to the distance R from the surface of the medium. : R= C (speed) *δ f (frequency difference) /2/K (frequency modulation slope). Because the speed of light C and the frequency modulation slope K are known, the frequency difference δ f can be estimated to obtain the distance R of the material surface at the radar installation position, and then through the known total height of the tank, subtract the spatial distance from the radar to the material surface ( Referred to as the air height), the height of the material level is obtained.

Noted:K is the frequency modulation slope

This meter fully meets the requirements of protection class IP66/67, please ensure the waterproofness of the cable sealing head. As shown

How to ensure that the installation meets the requirements of IP67:

Make sure that the sealing head is not damaged.

Make sure that the cable is not damaged.

Make sure that the cables used meet the requirements of the electrical connection specifications.

Before entering the electrical interface, bend the cable downward to ensure that water does not flow into the housing, see ①

Please tighten the cable sealing head, see ②

Please block the unused electrical interfaces with blind plugs, see ③


Measuring medium: Solid

Measuring range: 0.3m~120m

Process connection: flange ≥DN80

Process temperature: -40110℃

Process pressure: -0.10.3MPa

Precision: ±5mm

Protection level: IP67

Frequency range: 120GHz

Power supply: 

two-wire system (DC24V)/four-wire system (DC12V~24V)/four-wire system (AC220V)

Explosion-proof grade: Exia ⅡC T6 Ga / Exd IIC T6 Gb

Housing: Aluminum/Plastic/Stainless Steel

Signal output: two-wire system 4...20mA/HART protocol/four-wire system 4...20mA /RS485 Modbus

Process connectionFlange
Material304 stainless steel, PP
ShellSeal between housing and housingSilicone Rubber
Shell windowPolycarbonate
Ground terminalStainless steel
Supply voltagefour-wire systemStandard12~24V DC
Power consumptionmax80mA DC24V/2W
Allow ripple100HzUss1V
Shell(198~242)V ACfour-wire system
100V ACfour-wire system
Cable parametersCable entry/plug1 M20x1.5 cable entry
1 blind plug M20×15
Ground terminalConductor cross section 2.5mm2
Output parametersoutput signal4~20mA/RS485Modbus
Fault signalCurrent output unchanged; 20.5mA; 22mA; 3.9mA
Integration time(0~20)s, adjustable
Blind spot0.1m/0.2m/0.3m
Maximum measurement interval150 meters
Measuring distanceAbout 1 second (depending on parameter settings)
Adjust the timeAbout 1 second (depending on parameter settings)
Adjust time, working storage and transportation temperature-40~80)℃
Process temperatureKD-FMF11-40~80
Relative humidity95%
ShockproofMechanical vibration 10m/s2, (10~150)Hz

When installing the instrument, avoid installing it above the inlet, and try to avoid all kinds of objects that affect the signal, such as stirring paddles, etc. 

● Under extremely complicated working conditions, the instrument can work normally if there is no obstacle in the area of 500px radius with the radar installation point as the center.

Can not be installed above the inlet, and there should be no obstacles under the instrument

Under extremely complicated working conditions, the instrument can work normally if there is no obstacle in the area of 500px radius with the radar installation point as the center.

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