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Introduction to the categories of level measurement instruments

Introduction to the categories of level measurement instruments


Different working conditions and different measuring media have led to the development of a wide variety of level measuring instruments. There are different classifications of level measuring instruments according to different instruments. In this paper, we mainly talk about the categories of level measurement instruments from two aspects, namely, measurement mode and measurement method.

level measurement instruments

First, according to the measurement mode

  Level measurement instrument can be divided into two categories according to the measurement mode: limit measurement instrument (level switch) and continuous measurement instrument (level meter, level transmitter).

  1、Limit measuring instrument

  Limit measurement instrument is usually called limit switch, which mainly detects whether the level reaches a specific position such as upper limit, middle value or lower limit. The output signal is usually in the form of a two-position on/off (ON/OFF) signal, high and low level. When the level does not reach the set point, the normal signal is output, and when the set point is reached, the alarm signal is output.

  2、Continuous measuring instrument

  Continuous measuring instrument is mainly used to measure the level change in the whole range, and output with analog (4-20mA) or digital signal, indicating the corresponding level value. Some level meters also have digital or analog level display, usually with a number of switch points (ON/OFF) signal output that can be set at any time within the range.

  Second, according to the measurement method

  According to the measurement method to classify, the molten metal level measurement instrument mainly includes the following: 1.

  1、Direct level measuring instrument

  2、Static pressure level measuring instrument

  3、Buoyancy level measuring instrument

  4、Electrical level measuring instrument

  5、Ultrasonic level measuring instrument

  6、Radar type level measuring instrument

  7、Radioactive level measuring instrument

  8、Vibrating fork level measurement instrument, etc.

Ltd. is a company specializing in the research, development, production and sales of level measurement instruments. Currently, Guangdong Kaidi Energy Technology Co., Ltd. independently develops and produces highly reliable level measurement products, such as

  Vibrating level switch--there are mainly 3 series of tuning fork level switch, tuning fork level switch and vibrating bar level switch, which are applicable to the measurement of various liquids, powders and granular solids, and all products have passed the double explosion-proof certification of explosion-proof/intrinsically safe.

   Magnetic level meter - there are 4 series of economic type, standard type, lined type and plastic type, and magnetic switch and remote transmitter with double explosion-proof/internal safety certification, which are ideal for continuous level measurement and monitoring.

  RF Admittance Level Switches - including four models of general-purpose, protective, cable, and ultra-high temperature, especially suitable for the measurement of fly ash, solid particles, and adherent materials.

  Rotary level switch - including standard type rotary level switch, protective type rotary level switch, suitable for most of the solid particles powder and density of solid particles measurement.

  Float level meter - including standard float level meter, acid and alkali resistant float level meter, suitable for most of the liquid measurement.

  Radar level meter--High reliability products assembled by imported modules, there are 6GHz low frequency pulse radar level meter, 80GHz high frequency pulse radar level meter and 120GHz in continuous wave high frequency radar level meter.

  Ultrasonic level sensor--There are 2 series of standard ultrasonic level meter and explosion-proof ultrasonic level meter, which adopt contactless measuring method, easy to install, easy to maintain, efficient and accurate measuring results, suitable for continuous level measurement of various tanks and pools in industrial environments such as sewage treatment, chemical industry, thermal power plants, marine transportation, etc. It is an economic liquid level measuring instrument.

Ultrasonic level sensor

The above is the introduction of "level measurement instrument categories", if you want to know more level switch (level switch, liquid level switch), level meter (level meter, liquid level meter) and other level measurement instrument knowledge, welcome to pay attention to and consult us!

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