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How to do a good job level meter instrumentation, instrumentation safety management approach

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How to do a good job level meter instrumentation, instrumentation safety management approach

How to do a good job level meter instrumentation, instrumentation safety management approach


High quality instrumentation will undoubtedly significantly improve the reliability and stability of measurement and control, but in the process of daily use, if you can consciously strengthen the safety management of the instrument, it will make the instrument better used for vibrating fork level measurement and control, while also extending the service life of the instrument. So, how to do a good job in the safety management of instruments and meters? Generally speaking, it is necessary to start from the following points:

vibrating fork level measurement

I. Instrument maintenance and commissioning

    Before the instrument maintenance and commissioning work, should understand the process and equipment operating status, and notify the operating operator. In the instrument or component disassembly, should be cut off the measured media path and instrument power source. In addition, the site operation should also arrange personnel to do a good job of supervision to prevent the breakage of pipe threads or welds.

  Second, the management of monitoring, interlocking and alarm system instruments

  In order to ensure the safety of the instrument, attention should be paid to the management of the monitoring, interlocking and alarm system instruments, specifically to do the following work:

  1, for monitoring, interlocking alarm system instruments and switches should not be removed or shorted at will.

  2, the alarm instrumentation test, reset, muffling, memory and tone difference functions should be intact.

  3, instrumentation system belongs to the solenoid valve, safety valve, regulating valve and speed control device and other instrumentation actuators should be regularly calibrated and positioned.

level measurement

Third, lightning protection, anti-static device inspection and repair

  Control systems, electrical systems, instrument panels (tables, boxes, cabinets) should be equipped with lightning protection, anti-static devices, and keep intact. In addition, lightning protection, anti-static device testing and repair should be qualified units, and meet the specification requirements.

  Fourth, the instrumentation wire, power supply, cable inspection

  In daily work, attention should be paid to the instrument conductors, power supplies and cables and other checks. In particular, attention should be paid to the following aspects:

  1, the instrument panel (table, box, cabinet) and junction boxes and other protective grounding.

  2, instrumentation and auxiliary equipment used fuses should meet the technical requirements.

  3, signal conductor and wire should be terminal number, the cable should be listed.

  4, power supply device nameplate should be complete and distinct.

float type level measurement

Five, flammable and explosive places instrument maintenance

  If the instrument is installed in a flammable and explosive place, when repairing the instrument, make sure to open the cover for maintenance or adjustment without electricity. At the same time, when maintaining the instrument, attention should also be paid to the use of explosion-proof tools to avoid dangerous occurrences.

  In the daily safety management of the float type level measurement instrument, under the premise of operating in accordance with the safety operation procedures, the above requirements are checked item by item so that all aspects of the instrument application meet the safety requirements.

  The above is the introduction of "instrument, instrument safety management methods", if you want to know more level switch (level switch, liquid level switch), level meter (level meter, liquid level meter) and other level measurement instrument knowledge, welcome to pay attention to and consult us!

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