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Application Scenarios of Magnetostrictive Liquid Level Meters

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Application Scenarios of Magnetostrictive Liquid Level Meters

Application Scenarios of Magnetostrictive Liquid Level Meters


With the development of the industry, new technologies have been widely used in various industries, and magnetostrictive level gauges are widely used in liquid level measurement of various storage tanks.

This kind of liquid level meter has the characteristics of high precision, strong environmental adaptability and convenient installation.

Therefore, it is widely used in petroleum, chemical and other liquid level measurement fields, and gradually replaced other traditional sensors, becoming an excellent choice for liquid level measurement.

Magnetostrictive liquid level gauge is a kind of continuous liquid level, interface measurement, and provides analog signal output for monitoring and control. The unique extremely high-precision magnetic sensor is 10 higher than the traditional reed transmitter. times more.

The basic structure includes electronic conversion components equipped with signal processing and induction electronic components installed in stainless steel tubes. The instrument can be installed integrally on the top of the tank or on its upper part through the tank side outlet.

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Structural principle:

The magnetostrictive level gauge consists of three parts: the detection rod, the circuit unit and the float.

During measurement, the circuit unit generates a current pulse that travels down the magnetostrictive wire and generates a ring-shaped magnetic field.

There is a float outside the detection rod, and the float moves up and down along the detection rod with the change of the liquid level.

Since a set of permanent magnets are installed in the float, the float generates a magnetic field at the same time. When the current magnetic field meets the float magnetic field, a "twist" pulse, or "return" pulse, is generated.

Convert the time difference between the "return" pulse and the current pulse into a pulse signal, so as to calculate the actual position of the float and measure the liquid level.


Magnetostrictive liquid magnetic level gauge is used for industrial measurement and control of liquid level in various liquid tanks such as petroleum, chemical raw material storage, industrial process, biochemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, tank farm management and gas station underground storage, dam water level, reservoir Water level monitoring and sewage treatment, etc.

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