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Kaidi Pressure Transmitter KD1151&KD3351

Kaidi Pressure Transmitter KD1151&KD3351



l  High precision±0.075%20range rate10:1

l  Stability: ±0.1% of maximum range/year

l  High range rate100:1

l  Digital communicationHART

l  Multi- inputdifferential pressure (SD), high line pressure (SH), gauge pressure (SG)absolute pressure (SA), remote differential pressure (SR)

l  Multi-output420mA, digital signal

l  Compensationautomatically environmental temperature compensation

l  Parameter settingzero/span transform, failure alarm, units transform, trim,etc.

l  Self-diagnosesstates diagnoses of sensor, A/D transform, memorizer, power supplier and failure alarm of software and hardware, etc.

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