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What is mini float sensor for liquid?

What is mini float sensor for liquid?


This mini plastic liquid level sensor is one of the most compact float switches on the market. The KPMF vertical float switch is ideal for general use, UV-links, potable water, food service, or industrial acid applications. Any application where tank intrusion needs to be kept to a minimum. These 3/4″ fluid switches are made from white polypropylene with silicone O-ring, M8 thread, and an ultra-small stem for easy mounting on either a bracket or through-hole. Available in normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) configurations, the FS25 micro float switches have 10-watt switching capabilities, 100 VDC max switching voltage, 90°C maximum temperature, and specific gravity 0.90.

Automotive applications can benefit from this mini vertical sensor. For example, when a car is in the process of overheating, coolant is used up. When the tank gets low enough, it can cause the cylinder head to crack, leak oil and then possibly create an engine fire. Liquid level sensors are perfect when used to detect fluid levels such as fuel or coolant inside of a container or other vessel because they are able to measure the exact amount of the substance at any given time. With sensors in place, there can be ample time for preventive action before any larger issues occur.

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