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What are the advantages of two-way pull wire switches?

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What are the advantages of two-way pull wire switches?

What are the advantages of two-way pull wire switches?


 KPC25-KD bi-directional pull wire controller is a protection device to achieve emergency stop, which can prevent damage to expensive conveyor belt emergency pull cord to prevent further industrial and mining accidents and human injuries. It is an indispensable protection device in the safe operation of the conveyor system, which is widely used in steel plants, thermal power plants, cement plants, chemical plants, ports, etc.

 The pull rope switch is mainly used in the conveying system of metallurgy, electric power, coal rock, mining and chemical industry, etc. It is an indispensable sensing element for the automatic control of 316 stainless steel conveyor, and this product is a kind of protection device for the emergency stop of the tape transporter site. This product is made of aluminum ingot alloy precision die-casting, and imported travel switch. It has the advantages of high strength, light weight, good sealing and long service life of the product.

  Principle of operation: When the tape conveyor is in an emergency, the wire rope tied to the lug is pulled at any position along the line, forcing the cam in the machine to rotate and drive the microcomputer switch to send a shutdown signal to achieve the shutdown effect and prevent the expansion of the accident.

 ◆ Use environmental conditions.

  a.Ambient temperature: -40℃~60℃

  b.Relative humidity not more than 85%

  c.Sea level not more than 2000m

  d. Service life: 100,000 times of switch action

  e. Insulation voltage: AC1000 test for 1 minute

Product introduction: Two-way pull rope switch is installed on both sides of the tape conveyor, it is a kind of protection switch for the emergency stop of the tape conveyor, pulling the wire rope at any point within the operating distance of the switch, cutting off the running circuit to stop the whole line, realizing the protection of the tape machine and personal safety.

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