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Overview of the functions and fields of use of the magnetic flap level meter

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Overview of the functions and fields of use of the magnetic flap level meter

Overview of the functions and fields of use of the magnetic flap level meter


The function of the magnetic flap level meter is particularly simple, is to measure the height of the solution. For example, some tanks and some solution storage containers inside the solution is the height of how high? This time will be used to measure the magnetic flap level gauge. Generally the level meter is installed directly on the side or top of these tanks, or these solution storage containers. As the height of the solution changes the level meter. As the level of the solution changes, so does the scale on top. The observer knows the level of the solution directly by reading the value of the scale. level. The gauge can be used in high pressure, high temperature or corrosive environments.

This magnetic level meter has a very wide range of use, and can be installed in a variety of forms. For example, it can be mounted on the side, or on top. And in theory, this measuring instrument can be suitable for any medium. When using this measuring instrument to measure the height of the solution, it is possible to measure even when it is completely isolated from the solution. The entire measuring vessel is completely enclosed, so it is leak-proof and can be connected to an explosion-proof device, which has the characteristics of explosion-proof. It can be used in the electric power field, in sewage treatment plants, in oil processing and in chemical plants. In addition, in the field of environmental protection, and ships, and in the food production industry this measuring instrument can also be used. There are also some battery powered magnetic flow meter can be added to the communication function, its readings can be directly transmitted through the signal, and then can be a long distance to knowThe liquid level inside the vessel can be known from a distance.

Although the magnetic flap level meter is very versatile, the features are also very distinctive. But usually in the use of this measuring instrument When using this measuring instrument, there are still some places to pay attention to. For example, in the use of the process to pay attention to this thing is a relatively precise measuring instrument, so So be careful when you use it, do not use a hammer or something to knock. If it is hard to knock, it may affect the accuracy of the measurement Accuracy, and may even be directly damaged. The other is that this measuring device is used in the measurement of the magnetic principle. Therefore, it is required that the The surrounding environment must not have a strong magnetic field. If there is magnetic interference around, it will lead to inaccurate measurement results. For example, in a power plantThere may be strong magnetic field interference, so these places can consider taking some measures to shield the strong magnetic field when installing.

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