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What are the suitable level meters for wastewater treatment applications?

What are the suitable level meters for wastewater treatment applications?


Level gauges account for a large percentage of wastewater treatment applications and are used in almost all aspects of the entire wastewater treatment process. In wastewater treatment, liquid levels need to be measured in wastewater, sludge, chemical solutions, etc. Let's take a look at which level meters are suitable for application in wastewater treatment working conditions.

The following is an analysis of the selection of the wastewater treatment level meter in accordance with the process.

The first is to put into the hydrostatic level meter, the hydrostatic level measurement method is based on the principle that the static pressure of the liquid column is proportional to the height of the liquid column to achieve the level measurement by measuring the static pressure generated by the height of the liquid column, differential pressure level meter, is the use of when the liquid level in the container changes, the static pressure generated by the liquid column also changes accordingly and the principle of work. Pressure level meters are suitable for use in processes with good water quality, such as top clean collector tanks, filter tanks, clear water tanks, external discharge tanks and SBR tanks. It can also be used in thickener conditioning tanks with agitation by adding isolation tubes to avoid sludge impurities at the bottom of the tank.

Then is the magnetic flap level meter, which is an intuitive type of meter that can display the measurement on site. The principle of the magnetic flap level meter is based on the principle of buoyancy and the principle of magnetic coupling. When the liquid level in the measured vessel rises and falls, the float in the main tube of the level meter also rises and falls, and the longer magnet in the float is transferred to the on-site indicator through magnetic coupling, driving the red and white flip column to flip 180°, when the liquid level rises, the flip column turns from white to red, when the liquid level falls, the flip column turns from red to white, and the red and white boundary of the indicator is the actual height of the medium level in the vessel, thus realizing the liquid level indication. level indication. In the wastewater treatment process, the magnetic flap level meter is often used for the measurement of the liquid level of chemical dissolution tank, acid tank, alkali tank, etc.

The last is our most familiar radar level meter, radar level meter adopts integrated design, no moving parts, no mechanical wear and tear, and long service life. Due to the characteristics of electromagnetic waves, it is not affected by the environment. Therefore, the application of its measurement is relatively wide. The probe of the radar level meter has no contact with the surface of the medium, which is non-contact measurement and can measure different mediums accurately and quickly. The probe is almost unaffected by temperature, pressure, gas, etc.. It can be used under severe working conditions, large changes, with water and gas, steam, foam and other occasions where ultrasonic level meter is not competent. It is also suitable for use in situations where there are agitators and the liquid level is variable and changeable. However, radar level meter is relatively expensive, but it can be applied to almost every process level control process of wastewater treatment.

As the wastewater treatment process involves many occasions where the level needs to be measured, and the characteristics of the wastewater treatment process itself, in the selection process, it is necessary to choose the right level meter according to the characteristics of each process and medium, and I recommend that you try to use a level meter with high measurement degree, low maintenance and long service life. This will enable the whole level measurement of wastewater treatment to operate under reliable, stable and safe conditions.

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