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Do you know what problems often occur with radar level meters measuring crude oil?

Do you know what problems often occur with radar level meters measuring crude oil?


Crude oil, customarily called untreated petroleum, consists mainly of: carbon, hydrogen, sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen, metals and other elements or compounds. It was first discovered and applied by our country. With the progress and development of society, many countries have included it as an important national resource, and use radar level meter to measure and monitor its level.

However, in the process of measuring and monitoring crude oil, many problems have arisen, here's a look

Problem 1: Within the zone, the radar level meter measurement value appears to jump.

Radar level meter measurement value in the area of the jump, mostly caused by three reasons, namely, the measured liquid interface instability; tank walls appear hanging oil; near the antenna there are adhesions. These three situations will cause measurement fluctuations.

Problem 2: The radar level meter has a lost wave.

In reality, the frequency of this situation is not very high, but it also happens occasionally, so it is necessary to recognize. The reason for this situation, most of the installation is not in place or maintenance is not in place caused by.

For example, the 80 ghz radar level transmitter antenna does not maintain a vertical interface with the measured liquid, which can lead to wave loss; the antenna has not been cleaned for a long time, resulting in condensation or excessive adhesion, which can also cause wave loss.

These are the two most common reasons. In addition, the measured liquid interface, if too much foam, interference is too heavy, will also lose wave, this time it is necessary to replace a more appropriate type of level meter.

Problem three: the radar level meter measurement value has not changed

The most common reason for this situation is that there is a fixed emitting surface appearing within the radar level meter beam range, and the overpowering interference causes the measurement value to remain unchanged. In addition, the failure of the electronic module can also cause such problems.

Such problems can occur when radar level meters measure crude oil. In fact, radar level meter measurement of other media, there will be similar problems. Therefore, we have to learn to learn from one to three, so that no matter what kind of working conditions, what kind of measurement media, we can quickly find the cause of the problem and find a solution.

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