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Radar level meter measuring lye should be how to choose the type

Radar level meter measuring lye should be how to choose the type


We often say that radar level meter is a very advanced instrument, mainly because it is suitable for a variety of complex working conditions and can easily cope with some difficult measurement problems, such as high temperature, high pressure, steam, etc.. And it has the advantages of low maintenance, high performance, high accuracy, high reliability and long service life. Although it can work in so many harsh conditions, but still need to be carefully selected to be able to talk about measuring lye today how to select the type.

Lye is a very corrosive alkaline chemical, which means that it can dissolve viscous substances such as fats and has a high chemical reaction capacity to other substances. Lye is a solution that contains a large amount of hydroxide and is alkaline. The uses are extremely wide. Chemical industry is used to manufacture formic acid, oxalic acid, borax, phenol, sodium cyanide and soap, synthetic fatty acid, synthetic detergent, water glass, sodium dichromate, sodium nitrate, sodium fluoride, baking soda, borax, trisodium phosphate, etc. Textile printing and dyeing industry used as cotton desizing agent, cooking agent, mercerizing agent, water softener and solvent for reducing dyestuff and Haichang blue dyestuff. It is used in the smelting industry to manufacture aluminum hydroxide, alumina and metal surface treatment agent, as smelting flux and flotation agent for mineral processing. Instrument industry as acid neutralizer, decolorizer, deodorizer. Adhesive industry as starch pasting agent, neutralizing agent. In the daily chemical industry, it is used to produce synthetic detergent additive sodium tripolyphosphate and other sodium phosphate salts. In addition, it is widely used in enamel, medicine, cosmetics, tanning, paint, pesticide, glass, paper and other industries.Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

A company needs to measure 29 lye tanks in a chemical plant with a range of about 1m, because the lye has strong adhesion and corrosiveness and produces a small amount of foam in the production process, in order to ensure the accuracy of the measurement data and considering the service life of the radar level meter, the engineer recommends the radar level meter HBRD906 and its related configuration. HBRD906 is one of our self-developed high frequency radar level meter series, which is suitable for application in sanitary liquid storage containers and strong corrosive containers. The antenna is made of PTFE, which is resistant to high temperature, no hanging material and has good corrosion resistance. After debugging, the radar level meter factory has stable measurement and accurate data, which meets the production monitoring needs of customers.

Like alkali such a strong corrosive and adhesive media, in the selection must be careful, to tell the engineer in detail the specific environmental conditions, in order to facilitate the engineer can take into account each aspect are thought, in order to ensure that the most suitable radar level meter, so as to ensure the accuracy and stability of the measurement, to avoid unnecessary trouble and loss because of the selection of unsuitable exchange later

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