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What is the cause of the false level of the magnetic level gauge?

What is the cause of the false level of the magnetic level gauge?


The magnetic level gauge can be developed based on the student's buoyancy principle and the development of magnetic coupling. This kind of liquid level gauge usually adopts the principle of magnetostriction, the magnetic levitation signal is transmitted through the waveguide wire, and then processed by the circuit to obtain the liquid level value.

When the liquid level in the measured container rises and falls, the magnetic float in the body tube of the liquid level gauge increases and rises accordingly. The permanent magnet in the float and the magnetic coupling system are transferred to the magnetic turning column indicator to drive the red and white The turning column is turned 180°. When the liquid level rises, the turning column turns from white to developing red. When the liquid level drops, the turning column changes from red to white. The red and white junction of the indicator is the internal liquid level of the container enterprise. The actual working height can achieve a clear indication of the liquid level.

The reasons for the virtual level of the level gauge are as follows:


1. The signal processing circuit is faulty.


2. The waveguide wire is not installed correctly, and the signal transmission is distorted;


3. The external environment interference signal is too large, causing the circuit to get a false signal, not the signal that the company actually needs to measure;


4. The level gauge in the waveguide line has malfunctions, such as looseness, poor sealing, rusty water, etc., causing signal distortion.

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