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What are the measurement principles and performance characteristics of the Venturi tube flowmeter?

What are the measurement principles and performance characteristics of the Venturi tube flowmeter?


1. Measuring principle

Venturi tube flowmeter is a differential pressure type flow measurement instrument. Venturi tubes are divided into standard venturi tubes and general venturi tubes according to the results. When the fluid filled with the tube body flows through the throat of the venturi tube, a local contraction is formed, and the flow rate increases and the static pressure decreases, thereby forming a pressure difference. The structure of the venturi tube is relatively simple, and there is no sharp-edge abrasion and fouling similar to the orifice throttling parts during use, and it can affect the main distribution gradient of the fluid velocity in the tube before the throttling and may affect various non-axial symmetry. The speed and distribution are scientifically and effectively rectified, which can realize high-precision and high-stability flow control measurement.

2. Performance characteristics

The measurement accuracy is high, and the high-precision differential pressure transmitter can be used to achieve accurate flow measurement.

The measurement system has good stability, the flow coefficient remains constant for a long time, and the verification period is long.

The electromagnetic flow measurement range (range ratio) is wide, and it can reach more than 10:1 without software calibration of the auxiliary meter.

The ability to adapt to the medium is strong, and it can measure the system's high-pressure and low-pressure fluids, high-humidity gases and various product-contaminated fluids.

The installation requirements for straight pipe sections are low, which can effectively avoid or reduce the additional measurement uncertainty of the measurement system.

The pressure is huge and the loss is small, saving resources.

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