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What should I pay attention to if the magnetic flap level gauge has not been used for a long time?

What should I pay attention to if the magnetic flap level gauge has not been used for a long time?


What should I pay attention to when the magnetic flap level gauge is not used for a long time?

1.When the magnetic flap level gauge that has not been used for a long time is used again next time, you need to observe whether the level gauge is corroded or leaked. If there is a remote transmission, you need to check the remote transmission line for damage or working voltage Whether the power management can be normal, if one is not normal, it will cause damage during operation.


2.As the level gauge stops running for a long time, the liquid stays in the steel pipe for a long time, which may cause impurities to be adsorbed on the pipe wall, causing the float to block. In this case, the pipeline should be cleaned up in time. 

3.With the resumption of work, the development of frequency converters, valves, and other equipment in the on-site section will again be opened and operated at the same time, which may cause high-intensity interference. Under such working conditions, the on-site level of the level gauge should be monitored and wait for stability. After that, it can be used stably.


4.If the level gauge has the function of controlling the pump valve, it is likely that there will be a distribution box and an instrument control box on site, which will not be used for a long time. Before running again, the distribution box and control box must be opened to ventilate and dehumidify to avoid condensate. Steam causes electrical failure.



5. If it is a pure outdoor installation level gauge with remote transmission, before resuming work, you need to replace your original remote meter head waterproof and moisture-proof protection and management measures in time to avoid damage caused by a long-term rain and sun. The wet electrical system is short-circuited and malfunctions.

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