What circumstances magnetic flap level gauge will be required to have drain valve and exhaust valve

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-28
Industrial process instrumentation is one of very important infrastructure in the industrial production, to ensure stable production, to ensure safety in production has irreplaceable role. In today's technology, various types of measuring instrument appear constantly, many new technologies and new techniques, new materials are concentrated in the instrument has been applied in production. But in production application, is not the more complex the application technology, the higher the price is ok, instrument selection and matching, pay attention to an appropriate principle, only in accordance with the site usage is the optimal selection. That's why today, magnetic level gauge turning principle and structure as a relatively simple level measurement instrument, the most important reason still dominate the market, which magnetic level gauge turning installation is convenient, intuitive, maintenance is convenient wait for a characteristic is an important aspect. Magnetic level gauge turning the main principle: structure mainly of design and production on the basis of the principle of buoyancy and magnetic force. With the float of magnets ( Magnetic float) In the position of the measured medium affected by buoyancy effect. Liquid level changes lead to the change of the magnetic float position, magnetic float and magnetic double column ( Also become magnetic flap) Static magnetic coupling magnetic flip Angle (double column Magnetic double column surface coated with different color) And a true picture of the container level. Cooperate with sensors, The magnetic reed switch) And precision electronic components such as electronic module and transmitter module, can change to send the output resistance signal, current value, 4~20mA) Signals, switches and other electrical signal. To achieve the perfect combination of field observation and remote control. Under normal circumstances, the magnetic level gauge in the factory when turning on the top of the main pipe with a valve, called emptying valve, responsible for the gas vent, sometimes with a plug ( The thread) Instead of, also can be turned on or tighten. Below the main pipe is drain valve, the drain valve is mainly convenient maintenance or repair, cleaning. The drain valve is the standard. Is in the process of magnetic level gauge with turning the daily maintenance of the necessary spare parts, if not installed, then fault and problems, maintenance and repair will be very difficult. But the vent valve is not standard, the reason: the intention to order according to the medium and the customer. General field when the magnetic level gauge body turning pipe inside more dirt and stuck float effect measurement, maintenance at this time. Needs to be between tank flange and valves are closed, open the drain valve to discharge from the lower pole of the liquid level meter, if not clean, at this time should be your breath, will need to use the top of the vent valve, screw open air valve, air pressure can put clean; If put clean again, this time to fully open the vent valve or remove plug, from the top or oil filling, washed away the dirty things, sometimes need to steam purging plugs, in order to facilitate clean. When the measured medium inflammable and explosive, need an airtight emissions, exhaust valve and drain valve are more is the standard. So configuration emptying valve need additional instructions, and there is no vent valve under the general offer. According to the above instructions, the measurement of liquid water, and other simple, that is to say, the scene will not float in the medium with dirt not more card or do not need to discharge completely, do not need to use the vent valve, if does not produce a vacuum in the measurement process, also do not need to vent valve, only need standard drain valve.
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