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How to Choose an Appropriate Level Sensor?

How to Choose an Appropriate Level Sensor?


In the automatic production process, liquid level detection and monitoring has been playing an important role, such as the production of food and beverage, daily chemicals, medicine, semiconductor and other industries. Cooling and lubrication of various machines, liquid level monitoring has a direct impact on the quality of products, and even on whether the production process can proceed smoothly.

Because of the complexity and variability of the liquid level detection environment, it also brings different challenges to the application of sensors. For example: high viscosity liquid height detection, liquid level monitoring with impurities, liquid level height measurement with foam, corrosive liquid level sensor alarmand so on. At present, there are many effective solutions for different applications in the market, but how to choose the right sensor with high cost performance has always been a headache for engineers.

How to choose the best measuring method

First of all, before starting the selection, we must first know what functions we need sensors to achieve. Is it switching output or analog output? Usually switch/digital output is used for alarm or protection, such as anti-overflow alarm during filling, anti-pump idling protection at low level, etc. Analog output is mainly used for process control, including filling capacity, liquid level display, feeding speed control, etc.

Next, we must understand the properties of the tested liquid, including its state, color, corrosiveness, consistency, impurities, whether it needs to meet the food hygiene certification? According to our needs, we need to find the appropriate sensors.

Then, we need to make a final assessment, including the installation and commissioning of the product, application temperature, pressure range, price and so on. We can even borrow samples from suppliers for testing. TDR and ultrasound need to be installed on the top of the tank, tuning fork can be installed on the top or side. From the angle of debugging, tuning fork is the simplest, followed by TDR and ultrasound, and the price is the same. After comprehensive evaluation, the priority of selection is tuning fork, TDR and ultrasound.

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