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How to use radar level gauge for lithium carbonate sink?

How to use radar level gauge for lithium carbonate sink?


In the lithium carbonate washing tank, the viscosity of the medium in the tank is high, the temperature is high, there is a lot of steam, and there are many obstacles in the tank, which brings difficulty to the liquid level measurement.

Some companies tried to use low-frequency radar and radio frequency admittance to measure the liquid level. As a result, the measurement fluctuates greatly, not to mention the corrosion of the equipment, and the serious waste of lithium carbonate. For this reason, relevant technicians have proposed the following solutions for this measurement problem.

First, the viscosity of lithium carbonate is relatively high, and the material of the radar level gauge antenna is very serious. For this reason, the technicians have proposed a solution to flush the radar level gauge antenna with regular hot water. How can this be achieved? The technicians customize the low-frequency radar liquid level timer, configure a special water flushing hole, and install an electric ball valve on the flushing port to achieve regular cleaning.

Second, during the operation, the level of the radar level gauge fluctuates. In response to this situation, the technical staff adopted software debugging. Through the "false echo learning" function, the interference caused by false echoes is eliminated, and the influence of liquid level fluctuations on the measurement of the radar level gauge is solved.

Third, the impact of water vapor on the radar level gauge. When the technicians purchased the radar level gauge, they specially chose the radar level gauge with the anti-junction open line, so that the high concentration of water vapor would not have a serious impact on the measurement.

Fourth, in view of the influence of splashing water on the measurement of the radar level gauge, technicians use to increase the "damping time" to avoid the jump of the level of the radar level gauge.

From this typical case, it is not difficult to see that no matter how complicated the working conditions are, as long as the radar level gauge is selected correctly and the problems encountered can be solved by its own technology, the measurement will always reach a satisfactory level. 

With the national advocacy of environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction, and the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, electronic grade lithium carbonate is in short supply. Therefore, in the future, radar level gauges may have broader development space in this industry.

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