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What working conditions should be paid attention to when using liquid chlorine level measurement?

What working conditions should be paid attention to when using liquid chlorine level measurement?


In the chlor-alkali chemical industry, many companies use special tanks to store chlorine in order to ensure the safety of personnel and property. Chlorine is not only highly toxic, but also can generate a variety of chlorides with a variety of inorganic and organic substances. If this medium is liquefied into liquid chlorine, what working conditions need to be paid attention to if the radar level gauge is used for liquid level measurement?

Liquid chlorine, also known as liquid chlorine, is yellow-green in color and highly toxic. It will vaporize into gas under normal pressure. Therefore, storage tanks that store liquid ammonia are all high-pressure storage tanks. This must be paid attention to. There was once an enterprise used a differential pressure level gauge to measure liquid chlorine. Due to the influence of the high pressure in the tank and the low temperature of the liquid chlorine, the diaphragm soon became aging and lost its elasticity, resulting in a zero-point drift failure.

In addition to high-pressure storage tanks, liquid chlorine requires attention. It should also be known that liquid ammonia has a low temperature and is corrosive. When choosing a radar level gauge, pay attention to the choice of model and material. It is best to choose a radar level gauge with high corrosion resistance.

The above-mentioned working conditions of liquid chlorine are not very complicated for radar level gauges. However, this next point has a great impact on the radar level gauge. Inside the storage tank, liquid chlorine contains acid mud and other substances. There were companies that used a radar level gauge (unknown model) to measure the level of liquid chlorine. After a long time, the acid mud adhered to the antenna, the measurement signal was greatly weakened, and the measurement fluctuated. This case gives us a warning, no matter what kind of medium is measured, we must understand the working conditions clearly and choose the right model, so that the measurement is accurate and the maintenance is small.

Liquid chlorine is a medium that is active in nature and can react with most elements and most compounds. In sunlight, if mixed with flammable gas, it is easy to burn and explode. Therefore, for liquid chlorine, storage needs to be packaged in a special tank, and liquid level measurement also needs to be monitored 24 hours a day with a suitable level gauge to ensure stable production and personal safety.

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