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Radar level meter installation is completed how to determine whether normal

Radar level meter installation is completed how to determine whether normal


In addition to the three types of radar level meter commissioning methods previously described, the installation of the radar level meter can also be judged by the inspection of the foundation after installation. The following will introduce the site inspection, connection and power-on description of the foundation.

First of all, the site inspection should be carried out to observe whether the actual site working conditions are suitable for the application of the radar level meter model products, and to confirm whether the installation position is correct, whether the installation environment has an impact on the use of the instrument, etc., to avoid the final failure and affect the use. In addition to the radar level meter to carry out on-site inspection, other instruments are also required to carry out the work, is more basic

Next, then perform an energization check. Because after power on, you can observe whether the radar level meter gradually enter according to the normal start-up procedure, and normal display. And there are many accidents that occur just because of energization reasons, or simply not energized, the instrument will not work properly. If the site allows conditions, it is also possible to observe whether the magnetic level meter changes linearly and other parameters by in and out of the material.

Immediately afterwards, a connection check is performed. This overlaps with the field check in that the linearity of the level meter can be observed by connecting the corresponding software. Generally speaking, this function is also available for meters with keys. The user can also use a professional instrument to check the connection and determine whether the radar level meter is functioning properly.

In addition to the above methods, there are many other ways to check the condition of the radar level meter after installation, so that the instrument can be used normally and does not affect the progress of work.

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