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What causes the magnetic float of a magnetic flap level meter to sink?

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What causes the magnetic float of a magnetic flap level meter to sink?

What causes the magnetic float of a magnetic flap level meter to sink?


The magnetic flap level meter, also known as magnetic float level meter, is based on the principle of linkage and magnetic coupling to achieve real-time liquid level measurement. When the level in the measured vessel rises and falls, the magnetic float inside the float also rises and falls. The permanent magnet inside the float drives the magnetic flip flop painted with different colours on the outside of the float through magnetic coupling to flip 180°, and the red and white junction of the indicator is the actual height of the liquid level in the vessel, thus achieving accurate level measurement. However, when the magnetic level gauge is installed and the actual measurement process is completed, sometimes the liquid level in the tank rises, but the magnetic flap level meter's display level and the actual liquid level do not correspond to the phenomenon of closing the valve and further inspection reveals that the magnetic float of the magnetic flap level meter is in a sinking state, which is a problem that makes many users distressed. To this end, this article is what causes the magnetic float of the magnetic flap level meter to sink, I hope it can help users to better use the magnetic flap level meter.

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Generally speaking, the main reasons for the sinking of the magnetic float are as follows:

  1, the magnetic float is stuck. magnetic float level gauge measured in the media if too many impurities, not cleaned for a long time, there will be a magnetic float is stuck, or the magnetic float itself adheres to too many impurities, resulting in magnetic float density is too large, the sinking situation, this is also a magnetic flip plate level meter often encountered fault, the best way to solve is to regularly clean up the magnetic float and impurities in the float.

  Of course, the magnetic float is stuck, there is another situation because the original float is damaged or demagnetized, or in the replacement float due to the selected float and the inner diameter of the float tube does not match and caused. Generally, the inner diameter of the float is larger than the outer diameter of the float. If the gap between the replaced magnetic float and the float cylinder is too small, after a period of time, the magnetic float, which has a lot of impurities adhered to it, will easily appear to be stuck. Therefore, when replacing the magnetic float, it is important to confirm the inner diameter specification of the existing float barrel and select the right size of magnetic float.

2、The magnetic float is corroded and leaked. The magnetic float is an important part of the magnetic flap level gauge, if the magnetic float is not handled properly, anti-corrosion effect is not good, can not withstand the corrosion of strong corrosive liquid, it will cause the magnetic float to leak due to corrosion. The leaking magnetic float will no longer change with the liquid level, and it will not be possible to observe the accurate value through the magnetic flap level meter.

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3, the magnetic float density parameters are not accurate. Magnetic flap level meter is the use of Archimedes' buoyancy principle for measurement, so manufacturers in the production of magnetic flap level meter, to consider the weight of the magnetic float, because the magnetic float is too heavy, it will not float. The manufacturer needs to make a float that can float even with a small level according to the density of the medium, taking into account the pressure effect and being able to rise with the liquid level. This often happens because of deviations in communication between the user and the manufacturer, resulting in the inaccuracy of the density value parameters provided.

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