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How to correctly adjust the float level meter and the discovery and treatment of common faults!

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How to correctly adjust the float level meter and the discovery and treatment of common faults!

How to correctly adjust the float level meter and the discovery and treatment of common faults!


Float level meter failure has zero point drift, fullness is not accurate, most of the electronic circuit is affected by the temperature, or the appearance of the equipment environment has oscillation on the circuit caused by the impact, can be resolved by adjusting the circuit parameters, calibration of the appearance. Process level changes but the float level meter display does not change, a lot of fastening bolts are not tightened, or oscillation caused by loose bolts triggered by the articulation shaft loosening so that the transmitter and float shaft from. Float type level indicator display sluggish, may be the bearing damage presented friction is too large. Seal packing aging and leakage is also a common fault.

1, the float inspection and maintenance

Float components are mechanical structures, all equipment in the tower, tank internal, production can not be maintained and repaired, only in the process of parking to observe its condition and fault phenomenon. Therefore, maintenance should be carefully and carefully check, float mechanical structure of the good or bad will directly affect the operation of the equipment, in the production process has occurred in the tower, tank float ball fall, float ball is corroded to present failure and other problems, tower, tank float ball components present problems in the appearance of the work is very passive. Float ball is the two hemispheres welded together hollow ball, float ball wall is thin, in the use of media corrosion is easy to present perforation, wear phenomenon, the two hemispheres of the welding place is simple corrosion, should pay special attention to check. Floating ball and connecting rod selection of bolts, in order to avoid the mechanical parts of the floating ball, in use does not present falling, loose fault, all mechanical fastening parts bolts, threaded joints, fixed nuts, etc., after tightening the best choice of spot welding will be welded.

2、Inspection and maintenance of the connecting rod

Float connecting rod length is long, in the medium of high temperature, corrosion and liquid shaking impact, easy to present deformation zigzag, then will change the measurement range of the float, and increase the dead zone, together with the risk of the rod zigzag fracture, repair found when the rod zigzag deformation, should be corrected or reinforced treatment, and even replaced. The fastening nut of the float linkage should be replaced if it is corroded and severe.

magnetic float level gauge

3, the conversion organization inspection and maintenance

The mechanical structure of the wide range float level meter is more complex, more parts, and more places to check; the moving parts or fixed parts of the conversion organization are susceptible to corrosion in the medium, such as the moving limit holes are corroded and become larger, and the limit bolts are corroded and become thinner and smaller. Repair should check the swing arm limit bolt, swing arm consolidation nut corrosion degree, to convert the organization and bushings, bolts, etc. specific view, corrosion serious parts should be replaced and repaired. Float displacement converter due to corrosion so that the ball rod and the spindle gap becomes large, will occur larger dead zone so that the magnetic float level gauge occurs a great measurement error, but as long as the elimination of the gap will also eliminate the dead zone. The end of the ball rod can be welded to the depression of the spindle; it can also be set in the end of the floating ball rod, the ball rod and the threads of the rod guard set articulation lengthen, in the spindle depression drilling and tapping, so that the end of the ball rod and the spindle into a threaded connection.

4, float level meter assembly tuning and maintenance points

The above view and repair are involved in the disassembly of float components, repair the assembly work is still very important, float counterweight rod, float displacement transmitter, articulation plate the three components of the equipment is very important, the equipment pay attention to the float angular displacement sensor, the concentricity of the float shaft to meet the requirements, in order to ensure that the shaft friction is small, the use of time.

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