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Reasons for demagnetization of magnetostrictive level gauges and solutions

Reasons for demagnetization of magnetostrictive level gauges and solutions


The chemical and chemical industry is inseparable from the use of various level gauges. The most common type of level gauge is the magnetic float level gauge, and the magnetostrictive level gauge is a typical representative of this. The magnetostrictive liquid level gauge can accurately measure the actual liquid level and feedback the correct value. However, there will be many problems during the use of the magnetostrictive level gauge. For example, the demagnetization of the magnetostrictive level gauge will directly cause it to be unusable. So what is the reason for the degaussing problem? How do we solve it? Next, I will introduce this part of the knowledge for you in detail.

First of all, we need to know why magnetostrictive level gauges have degaussing problems. In fact, there are three main reasons for the degaussing problems of magnetostrictive level gauges, which are:

(1) The use temperature of the magnetostrictive level gauge is higher than the Curie point temperature of the magnetic material used;

(2) The remanence of any hard magnetic material is constantly decreasing, and the demagnetization phenomenon occurs when the remanence is less than its coupling critical value;

(3) The hydrogen embrittlement phenomenon of hard magnetic materials can also directly lead to demagnetization problems.

After understanding the above detailed degaussing reasons, we will solve them in a targeted manner. The methods we can use are mainly as follows:

(1) Replace the hard magnetic rubbing material, choose the material with higher Curie point that can be touched on the market, and install it in the magnetostrictive level gauge;

(2) When welding hard magnetic materials, try to control the temperature as much as possible, and do some related cooling work to avoid demagnetization caused by high temperature;

(3) The magnetostrictive level gauge can be filled with inert gas.

The above is the detailed and timely solution to the problem of magnetostrictive liquid level gauge demagnetization. When we use magnetostrictive liquid level gauge, we must learn this aspect well to avoid degaussing problems and ensure Its actual measurement accuracy requirements. Of course, it is also very important that I bought a better magnetostrictive level gauge from the beginning. As a professional manufacturer of magnetostrictive level gauges, we have excellent product quality and guaranteed after-sales service. You are welcome to visit us at any time.

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