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How to choose a magnetic flap level gauge in sewage treatment

How to choose a magnetic flap level gauge in sewage treatment


Magnetic flap level gauges account for a large proportion of the sewage treatment process, and are used in all aspects of the entire sewage treatment plant. In sewage treatment, there are wastewater, sludge, chemical solutions, etc. that need to be measured. In the sewage treatment system using automatic control, in addition to measuring the level gauge, many also involve the start and stop of the interlocking pump and the opening and closing of the control valve in the automatic control. Therefore, the appropriate selection of the level gauge plays a very important role in reasonably meeting the requirements of the production process.

Principle: The level gauge works according to the principle of communicating device, principle of buoyancy and principle of magnetic coupling. When the liquid level gauge in the measured container rises and falls, the float in the cavity of the level gauge also rises and falls, and the permanent magnet in the float is transferred to the fluorescent flap of the on-site indicator panel through magnetic coupling. When the liquid level rises, the flap is turned The fluorescent surface is turned over. When the liquid level drops, the non-fluorescent surface of the flip sheet is turned over. The yellow, black, red and white junction of the indicator is the actual height of the medium liquid level (interface) in the container, so as to realize the on-site indication of the liquid level.


(1) The display is clear and the reading is intuitive, which is especially suitable for on-site display.

(2) Magnetic flap level gauge with remote transmitter can be selected to realize remote detection and control.

(3) There are various types of display indicators: normal temperature type, medium temperature type, high temperature type, magnetic sensitive two-color type and non-magnetic steel vacuum type.

(4) It has a wide range of applications and can be applied to high temperature, high pressure and corrosive liquids.

In the sewage treatment process, the magnetic flap level gauge is often used to measure the liquid level of chemical solution tanks, acid tanks, and alkali tanks. According to the condition of the medium, such as the medium that is easy to be contaminated and blocked, it is necessary to clean the main pipe regularly to remove the sediment in the pipe to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.

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