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Kaidi KD SUAY20 Level Transmitter

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Kaidi KD SUAY20 Level Transmitter

Kaidi KD SUAY20 Level Transmitter


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Product Details


SUAY20 Liquid Level Sensor Liquid Level Transmitter Digital Liquid Level Sensor The water level sensor uses a high-sensitivity silicon piezoresistive pressure sensing chip with MEMS technology as the core. It is based on the principle of hydrostatics and converted into liquid level height by measuring the liquid pressure. The liquid level sensor has a reliable structure, a special cable for liquid level measurement with a vent tube and professional water sealing technology, which not only ensures the tightness of the product, but also makes the reference pressure chamber communicate with the atmosphere, so that the use of this series of products is not different. The limitation of the geographical environment not only ensures the long-term stability of the product, but also greatly improves the comprehensive use accuracy of the liquid level sensor. Fully sealed submerged measurement, integrated structure and standardized output signal provide convenience for field use and automatic control. Through reasonable selection and design of wetted materials, cables, protective pipes, etc., the liquid level of different media can be input or plug-in measurement, which is suitable for urban water supply and drainage, sewage treatment, pools, hydrological testing, reservoirs, rivers, etc. Long-term measurement of underwater liquid level in oceans and other areas.

It can be specially customized and designed according to the specific requirements of users to meet the needs of various liquid level measurement applications.

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