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Mobile ultrasonic flowmeter

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Mobile ultrasonic flowmeter

Mobile ultrasonic flowmeter


Mobile ultrasonic flow meters are portable ultrasonic flow meters, also called handheld ultrasonic flow meters. Ultrasonic flowmeter features: unique signal digital processing technology, which makes the instrument measurement signal more stable, strong anti-interference ability, and more accurate measurement. No mechanical transmission parts are not easy to damage, maintenance-free, and long life. The circuit is more optimized, high integration, low power consumption, and high reliability. Intelligent standard signal output, friendly man-machine interface, multiple secondary signal output, for your choice. The pipe segment type small pipe diameter measurement is economical and convenient, and the measurement accuracy is high. Generally used in petrochemicals, large-scale projects, water conservancy plants, beverage companies, etc.

Principle of mobile ultrasonic flowmeter: 

According to the principle of signal detection, ultrasonic flowmeter can be divided into propagation velocity difference method (direct time difference method, time difference method, phase difference method and frequency difference method), beam shift method, and Doppler method , Cross-correlation method, spatial filtering method and noise method, etc.

Time difference method: Measure the time difference caused by different propagation speeds in forward and backward propagation to calculate the measured fluid velocity.

Phase difference method: Measure the calculation speed of phase difference caused by time difference when propagating forward and backward.

Frequency difference method: measure the sound loop frequency difference when propagating forward and backward.

Installation method of mobile ultrasonic level meter:

Steps to install the sensor:

Choose a location with enough straight pipe length, preferably a new pipe, no rust, and easy to operate.

To remove debris and rust on the pipeline, it is best to use an angle grinder to remove the rust.

Apply enough couplant (such as butter, petrolatum, etc.) on the emitting surface of the sensor. The purpose of applying the couplant is to remove the air between the emitting surface of the sensor and the outer surface of the pipe.

Special reminder: Avoid sand and debris from entering the middle.

There may be some air bubbles remaining on the upper part of the inner wall of the horizontal pipeline. When installing on such a pipeline, you should choose a surface that is perpendicular to the side of the pipeline.

Common failure causes and troubleshooting methods of mobile ultrasonic flowmeters:

1. No signal: the connection between the transducer and the host is disconnected and reconnected.

2. Insufficient signal strength: power pollution occurs, the position of the transducer moves, and the position of the transducer is adjusted again.

3. The instantaneous and accumulated flow are inconsistent: the host fails, replace the host.

4. The instantaneous flow is stable, 0 but larger than the actual value: the acoustic wedge of the transducer is faulty, replace the transducer.

Kaidi is one of the earliest ultrasonic flowmeters manufacturers. The product quality is first-rate. The advantages of Kaidi ultrasonic flowmeters are long service life and high accuracy. The conventional accuracy is 1%. Some special occasions and media can also ensure stability. , This is very high for the strict control requirements of each section of production.

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