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In 2021, how to deal with the electromagnetic field interference of the radar level gauge?

In 2021, how to deal with the electromagnetic field interference of the radar level gauge?


The microwave pulses emitted by the radar level gauge are electromagnetic waves. If there is an electromagnetic field around, the radar level gauge will definitely be affected, and there will definitely be errors in the measurement. How to deal with this situation?

The engineer recommends installing a signal filter to filter the interference signal so that the radar receiver can receive the real signal. This method has the advantages of short construction period, quick effect, and low cost. However, installing a filter requires professional knowledge and matching filters. So it is not very easy to actually operate. If you choose to use this solution, you need to refer to the radar level gauge model to select the corresponding filter model, and then install the signal filter according to the filter installation manual.


In fact, in addition to the method of adding a signal filter, there is another method that is to improve the signal line of the radar level gauge and change it to a route. The biggest advantage of this method is that it takes effect quickly, allowing the radar level gauge to quickly return to normal. However, its construction has a certain degree of difficulty and the cost is also high. If you only require factories with quick results, you can try this solution.


These two methods are more effective. In addition, there is another method, which has a slower effect and a longer construction period, which is to lay the wire mesh winding for the signal cable. This method, not to mention low cost, and simple construction, as long as a little experienced person can complete the task, does not require technical personnel to provide auxiliary guidance.


The radar level gauge is interfered by electromagnetic fields. The above three methods can be handled well, but each method has advantages and disadvantages. When choosing, you should choose the appropriate method according to your own factory. In addition, in order to ensure the stability and accuracy of the radar level gauge measurement, it is necessary to do the following two aspects:


First, regularly maintain the radar level gauge and related equipment;


Second, regularly check the measurement data of the radar level gauge by manual ruler method to ensure that the measurement error is within the range.

There are many interference sources of radar level gauges, so be careful, and you can solve them when you install them as much as possible.

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