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Analyze the problems of the radar level gauge from two aspects

Analyze the problems of the radar level gauge from two aspects


The main purpose of the radar level gauge is liquid level measurement, and the computer is mainly used for office. Two completely different products have similarities, that is, both include software equipment and hardware equipment.

Computer software equipment is mainly used for office or life needs, and hardware is the most basic conditional factor supporting software operation. The software of the radar level gauge is mainly used for equipment debugging, and the hardware is the necessary components for the normal operation of the level gauge, such as antennas, flanges, housings, and so on. Computer problems are nothing more than two aspects. First, some parts of the hardware equipment are broken; second, there is a problem with a certain program of the software, which affects the normal operation of the computer. Problems with the radar level gauge are nothing more than these two aspects.

A hardware problem is generally manifested as the meter cannot work or the displayed value is not visible. In this case, first check the power supply to see if there is a problem with the power supply installation. Secondly, check each connection part to see if the connection is correct. Finally, check the instrument components to see if the components are faulty, for example, the electronic module is burned out and cannot work normally and needs to be replaced in time.

The software has problems, which are usually manifested as errors in the measured values, fluctuations in the measured values, distortion of the measured values, and loss of waves in the measured values. After these failures, first debug through the debugging software to see if the measured value can return to normal after debugging. Secondly, check the antenna part to see if there is an attachment that interferes with the echo signal. If there is an attachment, it needs to be cleaned. After cleaning, observe whether the measured value returns to normal. Finally, check the installation location to see if the installation location is not appropriate, which affects the measurement, such as being too close to the feed inlet.

In real life, the malfunction of the radar level gauge is far more complicated than we thought. At this time, as long as we investigate from the big aspects to the small details one by one, we will surely find the cause and solution quickly. The key is that we must learn to think calmly when we encounter problems, and do not search indiscriminately without rules. Even if you dont understand, you can ask a professional engineer for help.

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