How about the management mechanism of Kaidi?
Guangdong Kaidi Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has established and perfected that the management mechanism. We adopt incentive mechanisms to create a relaxed and passionate working atmosphere to motivate staff to work for the evolution of the company. As an important role in keeping business competitive in the industry, mature direction mechanism plays a significant role in strengthening the rigorous production procedure of flow meter .

Kaidi is one of the market leaders in China with our fine range of competitively priced, custom-made products such as level gauge components. We will show you the level gauge series that is most popular with customers. A wide range of parameters is taken into consideration when developing KAIDI liquid level transmitter. The kinds of electrolyte, battery shell, the arrangement of the positive electrode and the negative electrode are all seriously considered. This product has the ability to accurately convert a physical parameter into a signal. The color of the product is determined by the chemical composition and the tightness of the combination of these compositions. This product has the advantage of chemical resistance.

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